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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Treatment: Day 4

This morning the tendons in my forearm feel a little tight and ache (in my head) when I think about the project due in one week!

About mid-morning had to switch back to the brace for computer work and rubbed some pain cream on my entire arm. Felt good enough at lunch to knit, but I think I pushed a little hard and hand is so tired it's ready to fall off. At this point, I'm almost wondering if it has more to do with the Aran weight non-stretchy wool yarn than my tendons. If it wasn't a deadline, I'd probably pick up my sport weight project and see if it makes a difference.

At this point, I just hope than when the project is published in the Fall issue of Interweave that people like it and knit it. I would be so sad if I'm the one with 2 hearts on Ravelry. I want all this to just be worth it!

Treatment went ok tonight, not as painful as the night before. I also got to the point in the project where I split for the armholes and that also seems to be helping tons. Littler sections of knitting are much easier on the tired hands.

And thanks to everyone who has made helpful suggestions! I'm going to the doctor on Saturday, so I'm going to run all these things by him and see what he thinks. So keep them coming!

1 comment:

Connie said...

People will *love* it, Melissa! I'm already dreaming about it and I've only seen it in the barest sketch form. My hands are hurting a bit too, but at least I did finish the cowl for the exchange tomorrow...