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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Patience is something I have a lot of apparently. In the last post, I was gushing about how much I love fair isle. Well, it changed a little when I got to chart 2. I managed to push myself last week and finish up 2 repeats. The good news is, I thought I had 5 more to go, but it turns out I only have 3. That's not so bad I suppose! Next goal: the heel! Gotta have goals to keep it going! It's looking so pretty though, I guess I just need to take a step back and remember, "one row at a time."

stocking progress

The only thing that could put a temporary stop to the project is my extra ball of white yarn for the mini dress is on it's way. I really want to finish that up before it gets too warm to wear it this season.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guess Who Dropped In.....

to the Spiders on Friday? None other than the code monkey and mama rav themselves! Jess and Casey were visiting Maya and Steve in NYC and they decided to swing by The Point for a visit.

They even came bearing gifts, a few previews of some goodies that I think will be in the shop soon! The Bob pin is the best!

ravelry goodies
some stickers and pins

After writing my last post, I realized I could not ignore the yarn for the Christmas stockings any longer. I made the lamest gauge swatches ever (about 1" x 3") and the gauge was close enough to the pattern. I only felt I needed a quick check to make sure it didn't come out more like a Christmas sock than a stocking! The only change I had to make was to double the yarn since it was a little thin.


I worked on it all weekend and finished chart 1 already. I'm really enjoying it so far and I had forgotten how much I like working on fair isle projects. I'm just dreading when I have to go back to the size 0's and plain old stockinette stitch!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scattered Projects

Now I know why I don't work on more than one thing at a time. My brain is having a hard time lately switching between 3 projects I'm working on. I think maybe the main problem is that my brain just can't deal with having free time to work on non-deadline projects and it doesn't know what to do with itself. Either that or I'm just too lazy to sit down and finish something.

The first is my Black and White Mini Dress from Rebecca #34. This one has been on the needles since October. I managed to finish up the front, but I ran out of white yarn. So that's on hold for a bit til I can wake my brain up enough to remember to order it.

Rebecca dress

The second is my Aunt's Shrug that was supposed to be done for my wedding. I think she was a little upset it wasn't finished, but hey, I was kinda making my dress and trying to get married here. It's up to the blocking stage and I just don't feel like doing it.

The third (and fourth - I guess) is my Grandmother and Mom's Christmas stockings. Starting early you say? No, it was a gift for 2007. Yes, I am a very, very bad holiday knitter. I think I'll give up on holiday knitting once these are finished. I'm stalling on this project because I think the yarn I bought is too thin (the yarn used in the pattern was discontinued) and I'm hoping I don't have to order something else. So I'm stalling on this one because I'm afraid it just won't work.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Finished up Gretel tonight and I absolutely love it! I never used to be much of a hat person, but I also didn't have to walk around on the cold, windy streets of New York back then either!

Gretel Finished


Gretel by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic Shade 852
Needles: US size 9 and 7
Size: Regular

This was such a satisfyingly projects after the 2 secret knitting projects I had to complete in February. So satisfying that I almost didn't want the project to end. I didn't make any modifications - well, besides my gauge being way off! I went up 2 needle sizes because I thought I was too tight, but I guess I should not have trusted myself. It was supposed to measure about 8" in diameter, mine measured 11". Oops! Still fits well though, even with the gauge blunder. Thank goodness for hats being more forgiving than a sweater!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Heart Cables

I have a tendency to knit and design lacey patterns, but I think I have a secret love for cables! Something about the little stitches winding here and there - they are just so interesting to knit.


My cable love has been officially realized with Gretel. I started her right away on Monday after my visit to The Yarn Connection where I picked up this lovely shade of Eggplant Rowan Kid Classic. With the weather getting warmer, I don't have much hope of getting much use out of it this winter, but don't get me wrong, that is not a complaint!

But since it will be too warm to wear Gretel soon, maybe I'll just have to make this springy one too......

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good Karma

When we were on honeymoon in Florida, we were out shopping one day and I came across a yarn shop. There was even a book store right next door to keep my husband occupied while I checked out the yarny goodness.

I took a peek: some Noro, Rowan, ooh Lantern Moon needles...... "Wait a minute, that's the Booga Bag pattern for sale for $5.00, that's a free pattern!" I browsed some more. "Ooooohhh, the Jordana Paige Knitters Satchel, in red!"

Hmm, let's look at the pattern binders. Hmm.....hmmm.....hmmm. Photocopies! Photocopies of designers patterns for sale!

At this point, the husband comes in and I go over to the Knitters Satchel again.

Me: "Wow, I really like this bag, what do you think?"

DB: "I really like it, if you want it get it."

Me: "Do you think it's too big for me though, what about the color?"

DB: "I like it, it's really nice, get it!"

I know what you're all thinking: if the husband tells you to get it, GET IT!!! But I didn't. I didn't feel comfortable supporting a store that violated several designers copyright like that. After all, don't the designers deserve to make a living just like the shopkeeper? I didn't confront her about it though, I left quietly. When I returned home, I notified the designers to let them know and to deal with the problem as they saw fit - after all, you never know the circumstances with these things. I was bummed I didn't get the bag, but knew I did the right thing.

So I came back to NY still pining over my bag. Then I saw a post on the NYC Knitters group on Ravelry - the Jordana Paige bags were 20% off at The Yarn Connection! The post was from 3 weeks ago, but I hoped there was still a shot.

So I went yesterday, and yes, they still had them, and yes, it was still on sale. (And I got it in a nice gunmetal color!)

Good karma is a very good thing! And geez, I feel like such a grownup now with this wonderfully stylish bag!

Knitters Satchel