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Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Down, One To Go

With my IK fall project out of my hair, now I just have one other to deal with before I can truly rest my hands. Luckily it's about half done, but I only have a 2 week window to complete and mail off. So far the hands have been really good to me and am looking forward to my second chiropractic adjustment this weekend. Now I just have to stay focused and make sure I keep a steady pace and don't fall behind.

So after April 1st, I'm possibly looking at some downtime. Thinking about some downtime made me start planning what I'm going to knit next. I have it in my mind to finally start Little Birds with the yarn I received for Christmas. How exciting, knitting for me and no deadlines!! Well, when faced with that, I did what any designer would do, and rushed out a new submission.

Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. I complain about not being able to knit for myself anymore, but I think I'm addicted to crazy deadlines. There are so many things I want to knit for myself, but I've gotten so used to sending things away after I've knit them, it's become the norm.

And without personal knitting projects, quite frankly, the blog is quite a bore without any happy progress pictures. Help, I think I need an intervention!


Connie said...
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Connie said...

I think we need an intervention :)

"Put down the needles slowly, Melissa!" ;)

Little Birds is adorable and it would look great on you! Do you have a color scheme in mind yet or are you planning on following Ysolda's colors?