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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Treatment: Day 3

Not doing too bad today. Woke up with arms in strange position and they were asleep, but corrected that quickly. Very slight pain when using computer, but nothing abnormal considering the circumstances. At lunch went out to try and find some ibuprofen cream, but no luck. Went with an asprin type one that is supposed to reduce inflammation. Figure this can't hurt to use throughout the day when I can't ice.

Knit a few rows on the subway with little problem. Knit a few rows at lunch with little problem. Still trying to take it easy.

Ice dip treatments were really, really tough tonight. I was really feeling the cold and it really tired me out. I went from knitting 1 row in about 15 minutes to knitting 1 row in 60 minutes. I didn't slow down because it was painful though, my hands and arms were just exhausted.


The binge knitter said...

I usually use a gel ice pack instead of the ice bath, it is very flexible and can be wrapped around your wrist or any other area. It is just as painful as ice water though, but much more convenient IMO. I found that if I use it after knitting and hot water before knitting it helps a lot.
I had a similar injury a couple of years ago and I don't remember how long it took to heal exactly, but it was longer than 6 months :( for sure.

Katinka said...

After a foot surgery a few years ago, the swelling in my heel just WOULD NOT GO AWAY. Finally my doctor gave me an Actipatch, a little device that runs on a watch battery and sends little electromagnetic pulses through the swollen area. I strapped it onto my heel overnight, and when I woke up, the swelling was gone. I used that thing until it gave up the ghost.

Here's the official site for the product:


You might see if your doctor can provide you with one, or maybe it's possible to buy online. Just use caution when Googling for it, as there is some sort of "male enhancement" product that goes by the same name. ;)

Good luck in your treatment!

Katinka said...

It does look like you can buy Actipatch products online -- just be sure to include "pain relief" in your search. ;)

Here's an Amazon link:


Here's another place:


It's kind of pricey, and I can't vouch for any of the vendors, but it might be worth a shot if you're desperate. Honestly, it made a world of difference with my heel.

sonia said...

I have to give my arms ice baths occasionally after work, and it is NO FUN! Talk about pain!