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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Olympic Eve

The Knitting Olympics start tomorrow and I am so ready. The gauge swatch has been worked, the cable practiced and the yarn packed and ready to go for Jersey tomorrow night. My fiance has a lot of studying to do this weekend, so hopefully I'll get a lot of knitting in!

So with the Olympics going on, don't expect me to be too talkative here. I'll try my best to post progress shots, but there probably won't be a lot of commentary. I've learned over the almost year I've been blogging that sometimes it can be a bit time consuming and takes away precious knitting time! Plus I should really try to stay away from the internet completely. Too many tempting things to look at!

While waiting to start on First Aid, I decided to take my fairisle out of it's bag and block it.

That's a lot of ends!

Then the next night, I blocked the sleeves. Notice anything wrong?



For whatever reason, I decreased on the edge on one sleeve cap, and 2 stitches in on the other. Considering I ALWAYS decrease 2 sts in from the edge this just blew me away. So after the Olympics I'll be reknitting one sleeve cap. Luckily this shouldn't take too long and I'll have one more FO under my belt. I'm so happy I've actually been sticking to that part of my New Year's resolution! It's almost shocking actually.

Good luck to all the Olympians out there! Remember to rest periodically so you don't hurt those precious hands. And if you aren't participating, happy knitting!

P.S. Thank you for your nice comments on my green sweater and hush hush. Maybe one day I'll get together the green sweater pattern and submit it or post it here! I really appreciate your encouragement!


Erin said...

Nice job on the fair isle. I don't envy you having to weave in so many ends, though! :)

Best of luck on your Olympics project. I'll probably be a bit scarce online, too, while it's in progress.

Oh, and I totally spaced, but I wanted to say how gorgeous Hush Hush is. Very nicely done.

Heather said...

What is the pattern that you used on the Fairisle sweater?? That is beautiful!!!

Lolly said...

I have loved that Fair Isle pattern since I saw it in the mag - and you are the only person I have ever seen make it. I really do want to try it once my colorwork skills are up to par!

Have fun with the Olympics, and good luck!

Moni said...

I can't wait to see your finished fair isle! I've been lusting after it since you started it :).

Good luck on the olympics!

Stacy said...

The fair isle is gorgeous! I really want to attempt a fair isle project soon. Now, the games have kicked off. Why am I commenting instead of knitting???

Melissa said...

Good luck with the Olympics! I should probably be knitting right now, too!

sturdygirl said...

Bummer about your sleeve cap! Oh well. Look forward to seeing your First Aid! I love that pattern.

Steph said...

The colors of your fair isle are just beautiful! Thanks so much for letting me know about the 'knitted cast-on', I found tons of info on how to do it now that I know what it's called ;-)