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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 6

Here's my progress for day 6:


This will be the last progress shot until Monday night when I get back to the city. Hooray for long weekends! I hope to have the right front and most of sleeve one done by monday. We'll see.

And I also wanted to share this photo that I found this weekend.


This is my Aunt's bridal shower in August of 1984. Hmm, it seems that Stitch & Bitch now has some photographic proof that it was not created by that chic from SFSE. I still need to find out if my aunt still has the yard stick lying around. I'd love to see if the manufacturer trademarked or copyrighted the name at all. Oh, and don't you just LOVE the blue eyeshadow. There will be no doubt this picture was taken in the 80's for sure!


the knitrider said...

love the old photo! so funny to see their old makeup habits. thank for the suggestion of magknits, i think ill look there for the next baby project for my friend.

Kelly said...

That SNB stick is pretty cool. What is it exactly?

Also, you are making such great progress on your Olympic sweater. You're going to be done so early at this rate (especially with the long weekend). Enjoy it.

Melissa said...

good work!

Moni said...

That yardstick it totally priceless! I love it!

cynic the lamb said...

Go Melisssa go!!!! Yay for sweater progress!
Your aunt is totally rockin' that blue eyeshadow. Love it! That yard stick is super-cool, too.
Can't wait to see your soon-to-be-finished sweater.

Stacy said...

Your sweater is looking great. I love the cables! Good find on the picture. It's funny that you found that now that all the controversy has really heated up!

sturdygirl said...

What a great picture! The blue eyeshadow really takes me back...right to the 80s! Would love to hear what you find out about the yardstick. You are making great progress on First Aid!

amanda j said...

If the eyeshadow didn't prove it, the wallpaper would! Love the Farrah hair!

Amy said...

I somehow missed this post until someone linked to it from Girl From Auntie's comments. Have you emailed a copy of this photo to the Stitch n Bitch usage database? The blue eyeshadow is so cool.

knitsterchick said...

if nothing else, that dress has to be enough to date the photo. I'd love to know more about the yardstick, if you get more details.