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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Day 5

Here's my progress after day 5.


It is going so quickly that I think I may have to add another challenge to the mix - weaving in all those ends on my fairisle sweater. But I'm not going to jump to any conclusions yet, you never know what can happen between now and the end!

I am really happy with the pattern so far. I've made a few mistakes and have had to rip back, but it knits up so quickly it doesn't put me at too far of a disadvantage. My only concern is the size. Because of the rib, it is pulling the knitting in alot! I'm hoping that it won't be too small. I've pulled it out and measured, and it seems to be OK so far. I would have ripped out the back and started over in a larger size, but then I'm afraid it would be too big. The sweater should really fit pretty close to the body. I won't be wearing more than a tank under it, so hopefully it should be OK.

Alright, enough chatting - back to the knitting!

P.S. The USA women's hockey beat Finland 7-3 today! I feel so spoiled watching these women play. They have such grace and finesse that the men certainly lack. I wish I could see the women play more throughout the year. I don't know if I can watch the NHL in the same way again!


Lolly said...

You will be done in no time ;)

I did not catch the Finland game, but I did see the Sweden game (US beat them 6-0!) and was very impressed by their style and play. I would love to see a game, but I don't know of any leagues!

Alison said...

I can't wait to see the finished product; it's going so quickly!

Amy said...

You are fast! It's going to look great. Want to help me with my Olympics knitting?

The DeDe said...

Wow, you're gonna win a gold medal for speed! I really love what you've done so far and can't wait to see the finished product. The cable pattern is very pretty.