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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Last night, I was watching the women's aerials competition. The women fly down a steep slope, up a huge ramp, and do backflips in the air, and then have to land it perfectly.

Some of those women didn't land so perfectly and went tumbling down the slope like rag dolls. Luckily nothing was hurt but their pride. They got up, brushed themselves off and smiled.

I had one of those moments tonight.


My second sleeve was almost finished. I had about 30 rows to go. Then when I sat down to knit when I got home, I noticed something odd. Hmm, those extra needles in my bag look rather large. Well, they looked rather large because I had forgotten to change to my size 11's after my rib cuff!

I was wondering why this sleeve looked so tight and the rib was looking a bit nicer. Well, knitting on smaller needles will have that affect on ribbing.

So I thought about leaving it as is, but I was concerned about the fit. I stretched it out a bit, and it seemed to be the same size. But then I noticed that my row gauge was off and my sleeves would actually be two different lengths. I could have adjusted the rows, but then there would have been more cable repeats on one sleeves.

So I did what any Olympic athlete would have to do. I got up, brushed myself off and just smiled.



PassionKNITly said...

I completely and totally feel your pain.

I'm going to work through the night so i can DREAM about finishing on time...

I have no idea how much time it's going to be for me to block....

cynic the lamb said...

Go Melissa go!!!! You can do it!

goodkarma said...

Good analogy. Boy, haven't we all been there, brushing ourselves off and smiling! :) You are so close to finishing this project, I'm really excited to see it finished! :)

Kelly said...

Don't you hate that? You'll feel so much better when it's done, though. It's totally worth it. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing the end result:)

Stacy said...

I read your blog and after it, the Yarn Harlot's, and she did the same thing! So you are in very good company. :) It will be done in time, I'm sure!

Melissa said...

good job! I cant wait to see the finished product!

Moni said...

I've done that before..sigh. Can't wait to see it when it's done, tho! very pretty so far :)

jacqueline said...

i have so been there before. to me it is always the most frustrating when i am so close to the end of a project

AmyArtisan said...

What a great attitude about the do over - go, go, go! :)