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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Secret Project Details

It's been all "hush hush" around neoknits recently and it can be so very very hard to keep a secret. I'm not able to tell you what I'm working on, but to keep things interesting, I'll be posting some progress pics along the way!

Now, to give you a little bit of a background on all the secret knitting going on around here. I was contacted a few months ago by a very wonderful woman who just started her own hand dyed yarn shop online. She wanted me to design a few sweaters with her yarn so she can then sell the patterns on her site. This would go back to secret 1 and 2. What is the mysterious yarn shop? That would be Sundara Yarn! If you aren't familiar with her site, take a look. Her variegated yarns are to dye...I mean to die for!

What about secrets 3 and 4 you ask?

Well, shortly after submitting my secret magknits project for June. (Which will be up any day now!) And it's up now! Check it out here! I was asked by the lovely Kerrie of Hipknits to design 2 sweaters with her sock weight and aran weight cashmere. How could I say no to cashmere!

Speaking of cashmere and secret 4, here's my progress so far:


I love the sock weight cashmere! It's interesting to be knitting a sweater out of sock yarn. The great thing is: sock yarn = good yardage! I'm hoping to make the sweater out of no more than 2 balls.

So that's the skinny! I look forward to sharing little details here and there about all 4 secret projects. The first two designs for both shops should be ready by late summer/early fall. And on that note, I better get back to my knitting!


Melissa said...

ooh... looking forward to seeing the Magknits project! Thanks for the compliment on my vest ;)

Amy said...

Congratulations on your Mag Knits knit! It's very lovely. When I saw your name, I knew the project would be a good one.

gleek said...

oooh! look at all the fun you're having! i also need to start designing stuff soon. i hope that i can find the time!

i'm looking forward to magknits. it should be a great issue!

Gina said...

I anxiously await the details!

carrie said...

just saw the project over at magknits! it's beautiful!

cynic the lamb said...

Congratulations! I love your Lux. Great job!

Lolly said...

THe MagKnits tank is just beautiful, Melissa! I love that green!

Moni said...

Melissa,I love the cashmere tank! Lovely!

Heather said...

Beautiful design on Magknits!

I just read your entry about being a sweater designer and all the memories of my first couple of years over here working for a big company came flooding back!!

Good luck with it all - I'll check to see how you're getting on with interest :o)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the MagKnits pattern, it's lovely! You definitely sound busy!

lorinda said...

Love the tank in MagKnits. Great job!