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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Socks + A Few More FIT tidbits

Since May is the month of Green!

Here is my wonderful Green May music mix I won which was put together by Anjo over at The CraftyModster.

green cd

I was very excited to see Matthew Sweet included! He's one of my favorites - thanks Anjo!

And I'm actually working on something that is green this month! My chameleon socks have made a strong comeback after the broken needles incident.

chamelon sock

Technically, this is sock number 2. However, I didn't really like the way sock number 1 came out, even though it fit perfectly. I just didn't like the way I finished off the toe. So I cast on for sock 2, knowing that it would now be sock 1. I started with a different color and accidentally changed from 2x2 to 1x1 at the cuff. So even if I wanted to use sock 1, I would have to knit a fourth. The funniest thing is that sock 2 doesn't fit as well as the first and I still messed up on the toe finish. Ugh! So I need to rip back the toe a bit and add about 1/2", redo the kitchner correctly this time, and I'll be in business - for winter.

3 socks

So anywho, I now will have 3 socks. Maybe I'll even have enough yarn left over to make a friend for sock number one. I guess I'll never be a victim of second sock syndrome!

I was asked by dani d (unfortunately I didn't have any contact info for you!) about the housing situation at FIT - so here's the deal. The campus offers 3 dorms for students - one co-ed, one for girls, and one with apartments. I lived in the girls dorm my first year and the apartments my second year. The girls and co-ed dorms are typically shared by 2 students and rarely will be shared with 3. The apartments house 4 students each and has two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom.

I only lived on campus for two years because I didn't make the lottery for my third year. Too many people needed a place to stay and freshman were given priority. However, I was lucky to even be on campus for two years. After my second year, the housing office changed the rules to allow students to stay on campus for only one year. I believe you could still be entered into the lottery for the second year, but housing is not guaranteed. I'm not sure if the situation has gotten any better over the last 6 years or not, but plan on finding your own apartment after the first year. It really stinks that FIT can't find better housing alternatives, but since they are a state school, they have more rules they need to follow.

I also never mentioned that FIT has sports! Most people are absolutely stunned when I mention I was a member of the tennis team. In fact, I was division champ for first doubles my first year, and fifth singles champ my second. Most students didn't even know we had sport teams. So if you were a sporty chic, you could join basketball, tennis, volleyball or bowling. Being on the tennis team was tough because we didn't have a home court. We traveled everywhere, mostly on weekends. It was hard to juggle in a busy schedule, but it helped to get rid of so much stress.

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