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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Finished and In Progress

Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment about my little fashion industry series. I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse of behind the scenes action!

I finished my chameleon socks a week or so ago. They were surprisingly really fun to knit. Somehow endless stockinette isn't so bad when the colors change on you. I did a short row toe and heel and they fit so well! I'm just glad I was finally able to contribute a finished project for Project Spectrum for once!

chameleon socks finished

Speaking of PS, I also picked up DB's green (boring) raglan again this week. See for yourself:

DB progress 5-25-06

I've knit 20" already and started the decreases for the armholes last night. Yay! DB told me to stop working on it. He swears bad things happen when I work on the sweater. He's so freakin' paranoid! Plus I promised I wouldn't have it done before the wedding anyway! I have plenty of other things to keep me occupied like.........

secret 1
Secret 1

secret 2
Secret 2 & 3

Not Pictured:

Secret 4

Yep, lots of secret knitting coming my way! Look for more details on Secret 2 soon! (Oooh, secrets, don't they just eat you up!)


mia said...

hey there's nothing wrong with being a little superstitious :)
I miss you gals. I was in lands far off and now I'm just at work and it makes me sad every tuesday night I'm not in LIC. soon, I hope.

Gina said...

I love secrets! Again, thank you for the fashion insider info. I worked for a large desgin company, but I was in sales. It's interesting to read about your schooling and transition into the world of design. I've only skimmed through (at work), but it's on my list to go back and read through them thoroughly.

tania said...

ooh! secrets and pretty socks!
looking forward to what the little birdy said about a sweater pattern!

Knit Freak said...

enough with the secrets I want inside info, I'll see ya on tuesday ;)

Jessica said...

I love your pretty green socks--and you're right, changing colors make all the difference, don't they?

Amy said...

Lots of knitting going on! Your series was really fascinating.

Karin said...

Secret One is in one of my favourite colours - I can't wait!

sturdygirl said...

i'm sooo curious about your swatches! you're right - secrets _do_ just burn me up! can't wait for the big 'reveal'...