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Monday, March 06, 2006

Yarn Goodies

Last Tuesday I got the call - my yarn was in. Not just any yarn, but the yarn for my fiance's sweater. I'm a little apprehensive about doing a "boyfriend sweater", but he's not a boyfriend, so it's OK right? right? His take on the matter is to not finish it until we are married in November - which is fine. With all that stockinette, I don't think it will be finished by then anyway!

The color is a beautiful Loden green, but my camera wasn't taking the best pictures tonight. I needed 16 of these little suckers!

And of course I couldn't walk out of the store without buying something for myself:


This lovely light heather grey wool is going to be turned into the Rogue Hoodie. I have been dying to knit this sweater ever since I saw it about 1 1/2 years ago. I had actually picked up some yarn for this from Kpixie about 3 weeks ago, but when it came in, it was a bit too scratchy and the color was too yellow (it was supposed to be ivory). I was going to just return it and get the heather grey color instead, but I figure if I spend so much time knitting something, I want to be able to wear the sweater without scratching my skin off my body!

Oh! And what is this! How did that get in there!?


The color is very very very off! It's a very pretty dark blue, dark teal, purple combo. This is my very first purchase of Koigu PPPM and I'm very excited. These are slated to become Pomatomus from Knitty.

And I couldn't stop there. On the way home, I hit Barnes and Nobel and picked up Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets. It has some pretty good tips on just about everything under the knitting sun. I had seen a few of them before, but even if I get one new thing out of it, buying the book was worth it (but there are many!). I just saw on Amazon that they are putting out a new expanded version in October too.

And here's another crappy picture:


The Turtle neck shrug is coming along and is a lot less boring than I thought it would be. The first sleeve is about 2" away from completion - yay!

Last but not least, progress on the green sweater pattern is coming along well. I haven't done this much math since high school! I still think it is so amazing to use equations from Trig and Calculus to figure out a knitting pattern! I keep having flashbacks of students saying, "what are we ever going to use this for!" Well, writing knitting patterns of course! Someday I want to write an email to my math teachers and tell them what I have been applying my knowledge to in the real world. I think they'd get a kick out of it.


Kelly said...

Nice stash enhancements! You have a lot of fun projects coming up. I wouldn't worry too much about the sweater curse, as long as you choose a design he likes and it fits properly, I think you're all good!

Melissa said...

You're quite the busy knitter, wish I could say the same. Good luck with all of your projects!

carrie said...

are you designing the "boyfriend sweater" yourself, or do you have a pattern in mind? i'm sure you don't need to be concerned about the curse.

i love those sock from knitty, even tho the photo totally creeps me out.

Moni said...

Wow! lots of yarny goodness! Isn't Koigu the best? I *love* it. And I love that sock pattern! I had forgotten about it.

Elizabeth said...

Hi I saw your pic on Blue Alvarez with the Hot Lava Cardigan and she mentioned you did some mods. However, I can't find them on your site or access your galleries. I want to make this pattern but heard criticisms of bunching around the neck. Did you fix this?