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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick Update

Just a quick little update on two projects:

#1: The turtle neck shrug is almost finished! I joined both sleeves together last night (finally!) and have about 2" of the 8" for the neck done. I can't wait to finish this project. The 3x3 rib is killing me! The funniest thing is, I am rushing to get this done because I need the needles for the "boyfriend sweater" which is going to be even more boring (plain stockinette). Or maybe I'm just rushing so I can cast on for Rogue, which also uses the same size needles. Stay tuned to see if I do the right thing or if I'm just a selfish brat! Or maybe I won't have to do the right thing because his sweater will magically need to use a different size needle............

#2: The pattern for the green sweater is almost done! It's taken me a bit longer than I thought! I had to recalculate some figures the other night, but it's looking pretty good now. Just a few more finishing touches, a photoshoot, and some more proof reading and she'll be up for your knitting pleasure.


Lolly said...

Melissa - you are amazing! All of that sweater pattern writing must be difficult. Loads of knit math!

I will definitely call you next time I am in NYC. Sorry I was not able to meet up with you this time - everything came together so quickly with that trip! Of course, the invite is always open for you to come visit in DC too :)

carrie said...

look forward to seeing the pattern! it's such a beautiful sweater.