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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Finished! Posted by Hello

Finished my armwarmers tonight! Had a nice night out w/ the girls at LIC SnB. Couldn't put down the needles once I got home, they were just too close to being finished. I decided that little projects are nice - especially when there are very little ends to sew in when done.

I guess I'll have to continue on my skull scarf for now because I am still waiting for my cashmere. Called the yarn store today, but no luck. Even though I ordered it two weeks ago and they promised it would be here by March 1st, I should have known better! But I guess it's better that I get all unfinished projects out of the way first. I also have some sewing to do on a shawl that I made from the newest R2.


Lauren said...

You are a superstar! Those gloves are hot! :)

Question: do you prefer hand knitting or machine knitting?

Take care!

Anna said...

Those are great! They are on my list of things I want to make in the future and even more so now I've seen yours!

Well done!


Melissa said...


I prefer hand knitting to machine knitting because I can pick it up and go. I do actually own a machine that I bought while at school but I haven't touched it since I graduated. The machine is much quicker and it's great for producing your own knitwear quickly and more cost efficiently, but if you are knitting for yourself, I still feel the best look is obtained by hand knitting.

renee said...

Cute armwarmers! I love the way the Noro graduates. I've bought some yarn for those too, but haven't cast on yet.

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Looks awesome! How do you get the colours to match up so perfectly?

Moni said...

I like your armwarmers! I actually plan to make those, too. I need something to keep my hands warm in my freezing office :)

Erin said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the way the colors blend into one another. Noro is just so nice, isn't it?

ginabeana said...

Lovely! I'm so very jealous of your matching stripes.

jacqueline said...

those gloves look awesome. also i can't wait to see the cashmere yarn you are using for lucky. what brand/colour did you choose?