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Monday, February 28, 2005

Still waiting for yarn..........

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers Posted by Hello

Still waiting for my cashmere yarn for the Lucky Clover knit-along. Was hoping to hear from the yarn store today, but guess I'll have to make a call tomorrow. With my luck it will be there tomorrow and I'll have to trudge downtown in the snow - but it will be well worth it!

So in the meantime, I'm working on a pair of the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from the SnB book. It's definately the perfect week to be knitting these considering we are getting like a billion feet of snow or something. Plus, it's nice to work on a small project for a change. I'm on my second warmer already though, so I better get that darn cashmere soon!


Lauren said...

Oh, I love that colorway! Those look great, Melissa :)

I am not gonna start Lucky for a few days... so no worries about the yarn. That is the beauty of the knitalong!

Hope all is well!

jae said...

oooo, how exciting to be starting up a blog. your pattern's one of the few things in s'n'b nation that i could see myself knitting - i've just gotta get to another handful of projects first!
if you're interested in being published somewhere else and are okay that it's a little less glossy than deb's book, i have a zine with a submission deadline coming up - go over to http://domesticaffair.blogspot.com - all the deets are there.