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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Good news #1 - Two weeks back I submitted one of my designs to Mag Knits for the Chilly 05 edition. I heard back from Kerrie right away and my design was accepted! Look for me in August! Now I just have to tackle Knitty!

Good news #2 - I have a new job! I am now the new Junior sweater designer for a label called Smudge. Haven't told the bosses yet, that news waits til Monday. It's never good to give bad news before the weekend.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Now if only I could be starting my Lucky wrap....


mia said...

congrats on the new job, lady! that's awesome!
and on the magknits, but I knew that already.
and on the topic of boyfriend's sweater... you aren't making him a sweater. you are making you a sweater... you just forgot to do a guage swatch and it ended up waaaay too big -- oh darn, what's a girl to do?

Lauren said...

Hey! Congrats on the new job. I hope you enjoy it. Will the work be the same as it was at Dollhouse?

Congrats on the acceptance to MagKnits too. I can't wait to see what grat design you came up with :)

Hope you get your yarn soon! I saw some Lobster Pot cashmere last night, and I think it might be worth the wait! Amazing! I am casting on this weekend with the 4-ply.

Have a good one! :)

Knit Freak said...

congrats on both even though I already knew you would get the job, who wouldnt hire you?
and I agree with Mia you know you are going to steal his sweater!

Stacy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you are wrong on your Oklahoma pick in your NCAA bracket because that means my team (Kentucky) gets beat. :) It's always someone who claims to know nothing about basketball that wins these things, for some reason!

That's so cool that you are doing the Lucky Knit Along as well (if you ever get your yarn!). I really love the pattern. It and the Fair Isle were the two sweaters in the book that really grabbed me although I wasn't sure I'd get the nerve to attempt Lucky. I'm very happy with how it's knitting up so far. It's moving a lot faster than I thought it would.

Congrats on your new job and getting your design accepted into Magknits!

sturdygirl said...

Hi Melissa, how are you? Just wanted to say congratulations as well, on the new job and on your magknits submission. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up.

Oslofia said...

Hi, congratulations on your new job! I've just started on the lucky clover...and I love it. Cant wait to finish it up =)