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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wrapping up loose ends

Still haven't received my cashmere for the lucky knit-along. With my luck, the store will probably receive my yarn tomorrow because I will be in Long Island doing shopping research for next season at the mall. Yes, I said "research"......

So in the meantime, I need to sew up my R2 "hugs" shawl to convert it into a shrug. It's really not much of a shawl, it's really more like a scarf. Not sure how many of you guys out there are familiar with R2 from Rowan, if you aren't, check it out. It's some very interesting stuff. Most of it isn't very wearable, but it is interesting (wait, I said that already). They launched last spring and I guess they didn't get too good of a response here in the states and I had to order the second issue and yarns from England. Hmm, I wonder why........

Also need to finish up my skull scarf. I found the pattern awhile back on And She Knits Too. I only made 1 row of skulls in my scarf because less is more. It's knit in the round so the floats don't show - plus this makes it really thick and warm. I probably won't finish it before winter is over, but next winter it will be a very welcome addition to the scarf collection. It's a good pick up project when you're too tired to think. Guess this project is going to occupy me on my train ride to Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon.

Also, my SnB group is doing a little knit-along for a grenade purse. Check out this great article on guerrilla knitting. This group out of London is very interesting. I believe I may have seen them mentioned recently in a knitting magazine, but I can't remember where. I just remember their little pattern for knit bandages.

Having a little technical difficulty with my KAL links on the side bar. I can't figure out for the life of me why they are duplicating themselves! I'll eventually figure this out - I'm just a little rusty at HTML. Now if I could only find my darn course booklet from college.........


Lauren said...

Hey Melissa! Very nice skull scarf--I really want to jump into intarsia, but I am a little nervous! Someday soon.

What a sweet deal--going to a mall for "research"? Oh, I wish I had your job :)

The hand grenade purse is awesome--I had that same link on my blog awhile ago... so interesting. I think that group was featured in Vogue Knitting a few issues ago--very cool.

Have a great weekend, M! :)

mia said...

... when you find that book ... button help!
Shopping research ? Riiight... is that like my work "research" ? I mean... I know it *looks* like I'm just going to a concert...