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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good Karma

When we were on honeymoon in Florida, we were out shopping one day and I came across a yarn shop. There was even a book store right next door to keep my husband occupied while I checked out the yarny goodness.

I took a peek: some Noro, Rowan, ooh Lantern Moon needles...... "Wait a minute, that's the Booga Bag pattern for sale for $5.00, that's a free pattern!" I browsed some more. "Ooooohhh, the Jordana Paige Knitters Satchel, in red!"

Hmm, let's look at the pattern binders. Hmm.....hmmm.....hmmm. Photocopies! Photocopies of designers patterns for sale!

At this point, the husband comes in and I go over to the Knitters Satchel again.

Me: "Wow, I really like this bag, what do you think?"

DB: "I really like it, if you want it get it."

Me: "Do you think it's too big for me though, what about the color?"

DB: "I like it, it's really nice, get it!"

I know what you're all thinking: if the husband tells you to get it, GET IT!!! But I didn't. I didn't feel comfortable supporting a store that violated several designers copyright like that. After all, don't the designers deserve to make a living just like the shopkeeper? I didn't confront her about it though, I left quietly. When I returned home, I notified the designers to let them know and to deal with the problem as they saw fit - after all, you never know the circumstances with these things. I was bummed I didn't get the bag, but knew I did the right thing.

So I came back to NY still pining over my bag. Then I saw a post on the NYC Knitters group on Ravelry - the Jordana Paige bags were 20% off at The Yarn Connection! The post was from 3 weeks ago, but I hoped there was still a shot.

So I went yesterday, and yes, they still had them, and yes, it was still on sale. (And I got it in a nice gunmetal color!)

Good karma is a very good thing! And geez, I feel like such a grownup now with this wonderfully stylish bag!

Knitters Satchel


Aileen said...

I'm really glad you got your bag in the end. I think that is *shocking* and also kind of horrible what the shop is doing, you know? I work in a yarn store and we never have a problem telling people about patterns for sale on line if it'd suit the yarn they're interested in. I made your Grannie Smith cardie and when I wear it in the shop, I tell people about the pattern for sale all the time. I hope it makes up for that horrible shop ripping people off... at least a little bit! :(

Veronique said...

Glad your honeymoon went well :)
Sad that stores behave that way... Stitches East also sells photocopies of patterns for $1.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for sticking up for designers everywhere and not purchasing anything from them. I would have felt wrong in patronizing a store like that too.

I love all your designs and feel that you should get credit for designing them. Also glad to hear that you got the bag you wanted too!

gleek said...

what a lovely bag! i also would have picked that gunmetal. it's very striking!

good for you for alerting the designers! ridiculous to think that the store wouldn't be caught in the act.

tania said...

good karma indeed! you did the right thing- bad store owners!!

Craptina said...

wow that's shady! Good for you not supporting them. I wonder if the designer's took any action? Glad you got the bag, it was meant to be.

valérie said...

Way to go skipping the yarn store with the photocopies. That's pretty low of them - funny they think they can get away with selling one of the most popular free patterns out there. Store owner was lucky I wasn't there on a bad morning before I have my coffee...

Love the bag, it's really stunning!

Moni said...

yay for good karma! you totally did the right thing. and look! the universe rewarded you :)

Anonymous said...

Black Sheep bags sells their Booga Bag patterns in yarn shops. If the online pattern was photocopied then, of course, that is not acceptable. Love the new bag.