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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Doing a little bit of pre-spring cleaning around these parts over the past weekend, including digging into the yarn storage and unfinished projects. I organized most of my stash and put it up on Ravelry so I can actually remember what I have. Most of my stash is single balls of yarn that I bought for design development. Now that I have Raverly, I don't have to worry so much when I loose that yarn label!

We also had a little frogging party:

Victim #1: Phildar Wrap I started back in 2003 or 2004 - I was going to try and finish it during the 1st project spectrum. As you can see, not much progress was made in a positive direction - until now. The reclaimed yarn will hopefully become a nice Affric Cape from Rowan 42.

Recycled Yarn

Proposed Victim #2: The Slip Stitch Jacket - If you remember my previous posts, you know how much trouble I had with the yarn yardage info on this sweater - just needed to buy 4 more balls than what was in the pattern! It has been sitting around for a few months now, and after all that trouble, I'm actually thinking about frogging this finished sweater. I'm not so sure I'm really going to wear it because in my eyes, I look like a football player. What do you guys think? This sweater's fate depends on you! Honestly, I think my body language says it all here, I look uncomfortable. It's actually a really nice, warm, comfy sweater. Mr DB says I'm too hard on myself and it looks great.

Slip Stitch Jacket 2

Slip Stitch Jacket 1


rockbridge said...

i agree - you are too hard on yourself! i think the body of the sweater fits you perfectly and is very flattering. it's the sleeves that look a little on the big side.. re-knitting sleeves sucks (not that i've ever had the patience to do it), but you might feel differently about the sweater if they were close-fitting.

Beth said...

I agree with rockbridge. Bring the sleeves in more fitted and it'll be amazing.

WandaWoman said...

I have to say that I don't love that Slip Stitch Jacket. It looks a bit boxy and whilt ethe body is fitted, the overall design doesnt' seem to flatter you, in my opinion.

Veronique said...

Unfortunately, I agree with you... The sleeves of the Slip Stitch jacket seem too large, and if you combine that with the cropped body, you get an awkward cardi :(
I think that you could re-knit the sleeves (as suggested by other commenters) it would become pretty snazzy!

kerri said...

it's a super cute knit, you did a really nice job on it, but I agree with the others-smaller sleeves would make all the difference.
I vote for a selvege operation.

Keely said...

I'm going to agreew ith everyone else, the body of that cardi is super cute, it's just the sleeves, way too bulky!!

Colette said...

Didn't you say you thought you would reknit the sleeves? Having seen you wearing this - I have to agree with the others, the body fits you really well, but the sleeves need to be a closer fit to put them in the right proportion.

I thought it looked really good on you, but would look great with the tighter sleeve silhouette.

Kelly said...

I agree with the above posters. The body looks great, the sleeves are just a bit on the big size. I would hate to see you rip the whole thing though. What if you machine-sewed the sleeve seams to make the sleeves a bit more fitted, then cut off the excess fabric? I know that's playing with fire, but it could save the sweater and save you the time of reknitting the sleeves.

The J said...

How do you feel about vests? If it were me, my first attempt would be to see what it looked like without the sleeves. But I've got a wild urge to put fabric sleeves on it - something flowy and sheer maybe? Or short puffy brocade? Or ...

Now aren't you glad you don't know me, and I can't get access to your closet?

Carolyn said...

I'm with the others -- if the sleeves were more narrow, it would fit you perfectly!

schrodinger said...

It's not you, it's the sleeves. can you face doing them again?

CurlyToot said...

I agree with everyone, its a little boxy.

I think the J has a great idea though with sheer sleeves could look great.