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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heat = No Brain

Is this why some people tend to put down their needles during the summer months? (Well, besides the heat of course!)

Sleeve before

Sleeve after

I have no excuse. This is simple stockinette for goodness sake! This time I forgot to change needle size when I started the jersey part of the sleeve. This sweater has been my own personal patience challenge even though it's probably the most simple thing I've knit in months! So now, I officially blame it on the heat cooking my poor brain! (Oh and this is actually the second sleeve. The first one I felt was too small, so I ripped that too.) Basically, I've had to rip so many times, I think I could have made 2 complete ones by now!

Thanks for all the suggestions on site hosting. I've decided to go with dreamhost and hope to have a new site up soon! Or at least when I am not knitting, ripping, and re-knitting this darn sweater anymore!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Ugh. So frustrating. Better just to get it done and over with. Once the sweater's all done and perfect, you'll forget all about the frogging! Can't wait to see your new site, too.