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Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm thinking about taking the neoknits blog over to an independent site and need some suggestions of reliable, easy to use hosting services. I need something pretty cheap (under $10 a month), fast download speed, very reliable, good tech support, easy blog setup (templates and RSS feed included).

So if you have your own website, please share your experiences - good and bad!

Also, if anyone uses 1&1, please let me know. They are one of my top choices so far.



Karin said...

My office uses 1&1. They're fine. Their webpage is kinda cluttered IMO but it gets the job done!

gleek said...

if you are looking to go with movabletype for a blogging tool, then i would suggest either livingdot.com or pair.com. if you are thinking about going with wordpress, then you should consider dreamhost.com.

really, it all comes down to which blogging tool you want to use. you'll have to setup your own templates. so if you know nothing about html and want an easy plug & play solution you should consider wordpress because there are tons of themes out there that you can use. if you want more control and plan to make your own templates, i like movabletype. i find it's easier than wordpress to get it to do what you want.

Diana said...

I think livingdot.com is a great hosting service.. they have full-service blog setup and will even move over your blog archives. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Eve said...

I'd recommend Wordpress, you'd be crazy to go with anything else. I have ~98% of lifehacker.com to back me up. If you want php & mysql to back you up, I'd suggest dreamhost; it's not the fastest, but it's really flexible and it's never let me down.

Karin said...

Me too! I'm not sure what the advantage would be, as I am still really new to this. I do see more bloggers going out on their own 'tho, so I'm on the lookout for information and suggestions about the what and how.

Lolly said...

I am with Hosting Matters, which supports WordPress. I had a few problems in the beginning - minimal - but things are very good now that I am on WP.

Good luck, M!

susan said...

1and1 is pretty good, but their email server is kind of slow - so if you want to set up your own email accounts, just be aware that there might be some lag in getting messages.

As far as setting up blog software goes, 1and1 supports basically every software package you would need, and the option to host a web store (though that might cost more).

TJ said...

I would use WordPress hosted on my own account (is that what you meant?) and ariaswebhosting.com ~ I host multiple domains with them and they have super customer service.

(long time lurker coming out now - LOL)