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Monday, August 07, 2006

Rockn' Weekend

Not too much knitting going on around here, but I was very excited to finally start my Pomatomus socks!

Pomatomus start

I bought the Koigu for them back in the beginning of March! In fact, I believe that is the last time I even bought yarn!

Left work early on Friday and knit on the train down to Atlantic City to meet DB. I had won free tickets from Y100rocks.com to go see Candlebox at the House of Blues. Anyone remember Candlebox from the early 90's? They were one of the many grunge bands out of Seattle and had pretty good radio play in 93. Apparently they put out an album in 95 and 98 too, but never heard too much about those. So here I am 13 years later finally seeing the guys live and I have to say - even with the lack of new material - they still rock!


Lolly said...

That is so cool about the House of Blues and Candlebox. I do remember them!

No yarn since March? Very impressive!

Moni said...

I love that Pomatomus pattern! They look great so far :).

I don't remember Candlebox..But there were a few years there in the early 90s when I was totally out of touch with stuff. I visited thier site and they do rock, indeed!

Dipsy D. said...

Your Pomatomus is coming along so nicely, I love the yarn you're using! Looking forward to seeing more of it!