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Friday, July 07, 2006

Secret Knitting Update #6

I can't even believe that it is July already! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday. I spent my four day weekend knitting up a storm. DB was pretty sick (he's much better now) but I didn't want to chance getting infected, so I hung out with my family. My grandma (who taught me how to knit) was up from Florida, so it was a very nice visit. However,I wish my grandma still knit. She used to knit up the cutest sweaters for my sister and I when we were younger, but then she just...stopped. I bought her some beautiful yarn and set her up with a simple pattern about 2 years ago, but she just can't get back into it. It's so very sad!


So progress......I am happy to report that the secret project for HipKnits is only 2 seams away from being a complete sweater. It looks so cute! Sorry, you guys will just have to take my word for it!

And next on my plate will be:

Another pattern for HipKnits

And some smaller projects for Sundara Yarn.

I sent the first Sundara Yarn Pattern out to the tech editor last Friday. Need to write up the pattern for the HipKnits project. Do some sketches for Sundara. And start knitting something new. So much work, but so worth every little bit!

I also picked up a copy of Big Girl Knits from the library last week. In the future, I'm thinking about doing a line of pattern for all you lovely curvy women out there. So I'm reading up and learning the ropes. It's such a great book - Amy and Jillian are just so funny and it is just packed with information!

Now I must go pack for the weekend trip home to NJ. Speaking of NJ, I've also joined the NJ knitters webring recently. If you get a chance, check them out and give the garden state knitters some love! Have a great weekend and happy knitting!


gleek said...

secrets, secrets, secrets.. melissa, don't you know that keeping secrets is bad for your health! ;)

i can't wait to see all of these patterns revealed! talk about keeping us in suspense.

saleknitter said...

Is that the Knitting Answer Book on the table. How do you like it?

Melissa said...


yes, that is the knitting answer book and i love it! it has just about everything you could ever want to know in there. highly recommended - and i believe it was only 13 bucks too.

dlittlegarden said...

I can't wait for your secret projects to be revealed!

saleknitter said...

Thanks. Next time I'm in B&N I'll check it out!