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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Secret Knitting Progress Update #4

So much for meeting my personal knitting deadline of today on this one. The current section has a lot of stitches, so it slowed me down a bit. Plus I was doing some more top secret swatching this weekend, so this project was not picked back up again until yesterday. I've done about 8". I guess that's not too shabby.


And for the hockey fans out there - how great was Game 7!!! I'm so glad the Hurricanes won. I'm especially happy for Brind'Amor (who used to be a Philadelphia Flyer), he really deserved it. The look on his face was just the best! The NHL commissioner actually had to tell him to wait a second to present the cup, after all he was still giving his speech! He was so anxious to pick up that cup!


gleek said...

hhmmmm, i'm so intrigued as to what this could be!

Colette said...

Game 7 was fantastic - I was really happy it went to 7 - makes the whole thing much more intense. I was glad Carolina won, but I would have been happier if it were the Rangers!