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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Flexing My Knitting Muscles

Hurray! I finished up the main body this morning at 1:30. I was so tired but felt like I need to press on til it was finished. I only had 20 rows to go, so why not! I paid for it when I had to get up for work this morning, oh well! My biceps and neck were a bit sore this morning too!

So now it just has to be blocked and seamed. I'll start writing the pattern tonight - I wish that was as fun as the knitting! After that it's off to the tech editor and the test knitters. I believe it should be available on Sundara's site by the end of August or September. Stay tuned!


Purly Whites said...

Oh my goodness! So awesome! I'll try to email you this weekend, but I've got the first Petals Collection mailing on Monday, so I'm pretty swamped. I cannot wait to see it!

gleek said...

ooooh, a sundara pattern, eh? sounds lovely!