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Thursday, December 01, 2005



Yesterday I picked up my yarn sample book from Habu Textiles. Habu's yarns are absolutely amazing! They have everything from silk and wool to pineapple, copper, silver and steel. I visited their showroom in NYC a couple weeks back when I was doing some research on a top secret project and I was in heaven.


Today I received The Knitting Answer Book from Amazon. I had placed the pre-order ages ago and I thought it was supposed to come out in October, but I guess I was wrong. I've scanned through it very quickly, but I like what I see so far. I strongly suggest adding this to your knitting reference library even if you've been knitting for years. The book is small too, about 4 x 6, so it's even easy to slip into your knitting bag when knitting on the town. Oh and did I mention it's cheap too - only $14.95!


Branching Out is coming along very well. I can't wait to finish! Judging from trying to wrap it around my neck, it's about 3/4 of the way there. I hope to have it done before Wednesday.

I found a very nice free scarf pattern from Blue Sky Alpaca to do for my Grandmom too. I ditched the glove and sock idea - I think she'll get more use out of this. It's made out of their Alpaca/Silk blend and I'm really excited about trying this yarn out.

Monday and Tuesday of next week it's off to Minnesota for Target meetings. Ugh! I almost wish I had gotten it over with the first time. Wish me luck! I'll just pack lots of knitting and hope for the best.


carrie said...

branching out and backyard leaves both look fabulous! hope you have some quality knitting time while away.

Lolly said...

Love the scarf!

Good luck with the Target meetings - hope you can do soem travel knitting ;)

sturdygirl said...

Yay! Glad you found a good scarf pattern. I have made that Opera Scarf - it goes fast and looks fab. The yarn is dreamy too. Good luck on your Target meetings!

Moni said...

I recently got that little Knitter's Answer book, too. It was sent to me accidentally through my crafter's choice book club. I was going to send it back but am so glad i didn't because it has already come in really handy!

cynic the lamb said...

Nice scarves! Good luck on your business trip. Hope the meetings go well.

Amy said...

You are coming to my city!

That habu sample kit looks really interesting. Their yarns are so inventive.

Melissa said...

Both scarves look great! I need to follow your lead and get a blocking board!

Stacy said...

Your BYL is so nice! I can't wait until mine is done, even though it's not for me. I'm planning to do Branching Out for my Mom. It looks perfect for her. The Opera Scarf is gorgeous! I've wanted to try that yarn, and that would be a perfect use.