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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hey! Can I Get A Ride?

Fun, fun, fun. That is the way my day went today. Woke up to no subway service in NYC due to the greedy union calling a strike. I mean, I'm all for the workers getting their raises, but when so many people are just trying to get to work to provide for their families and buy Christmas presents - this just totally sucks! I managed to get to work in a minivan with 6 strangers. Luckily it only cost me $10. Left my apartment at 9am, got to work at 11am. Getting home wasn't so easy however. I was planning on taking the LIRR, but that didn't work out. Then I figured I'd just jump in a cab with 3 other people, that didn't work either. So I ended up walking home. So I walked from 39th and Broadway to 31st Ave in Queens. For those of you that are lucky enough to not live in NYC and aren't familiar with the area, that means I had to walk about 5 miles and had to cross the East River via the Queensboro Bridge. And let me tell you, it was not a fun walk when it is 20 degrees outside and you are walking for 2 hours! The last time I had to do this was during the blackout in 2003, and I thought I'd never have to do it again! UGH! I brought work home with me tonight, I am NOT dealing with this again tomorrow. I guess it could have been worse though, it could have been snowing!

And now back to our normally scheduled knitting content:

I started knitting the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays this past weekend. I had the yarn sitting around from my Rowan mag subscription from last year. It was supposed to be a capelet, but it wasn't the best looking capelet, and I'm not really a capelet kinda girl. So the yarn is now socks. Yay socks! Boo MTA and the Union!



cynic the lamb said...

Nice socks! Those are lovely. We missed you tonight. Sorry to hear your commute was such hell. Yeah, I figured going on the LIRR into Manhattan wouldn't be such a good idea, nor coming back that way. I was lucky enough to have husband-dearest drive me to work (which was fortunately a reverse commute so traffic wasn't too awful), but coming home was a different story. It was a nice night for walking, though. Man, I zoomed across the 59th Street Bridge in no time, making it from Grand Central to LIC in just a little under an hour. Let me know if you need a walking buddy, as it looks like this strike may not be over any time soon.

Moni said...

oh no! How awful! 5 miles in 20 degree weather would NOT be fun at all. I hope the strick ends soon. What a mess!

Your socks are lovely! they look like they will be nice and snuggly.

mia said...

well if you declare a snow day I know a place you could get fresh cookies right around the corner :)
I'm sad to have missed tonight.

sturdygirl said...

What a bummer! I feel for you guys. It's cold in Chicago too and I can't imagine if there was no public transportation in this weather. Nice socks, tho. Cheers-

Lolly said...

Goodness, what an ordeal. I hope today is a little better - even though the strike continues...

Megan said...

Oh my God, that sounds horrible! I feel the same way about the strike - so the union feels they've been unfairly treated, but what about the 7 million plus people they've completely screwed in the process? And the MTA totally shot itself in the foot in this situation when they came up with that stupid holiday bonus program - what did they think the union would do after that? Anyway, LOVE the socks! I hope you can stay home with them today. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Sorry about the strike! And how cool that you were at a picnic with Sufjan Stevens!! I'm very jealous!

goodkarma said...

Stay home today and snuggle with your Log Cabin socks. Definitely. I must make those socks. They're so squooshy looking! Yum yum. Good luck with the subway strike!

Melissa said...

"so the union feels they've been unfairly treated, but what about the 7 million plus people they've completely screwed in the process?"
I saw this story on the news... unbelievable! such a shitty thing to do to the city, and at christmastime, too. I'll try to send some warm weather your way! At least you'll be walking off those extra pounds of christmas weight!
Anyway, I just got StitchnBitch Nation today from my Aunt! I must say that the Lucky sweater is on my to-do list!! What a great design!