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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sock progress

I've made a bit of sock progress over the past couple of days, though not as much as I would have liked. I finished the first sock last Thursday and the second is well on its way (turned heel tonight! woo hoo!). I hope to have a complete pair by tomorrow, but you never know.


The second socking finishing party might be put off until I put away all the junk in the background of the pic. It's been sitting around in my apartment for about 2 months now. Guess it's about time that I put everything away, I'm sick of looking at it.

Bought Handknit Holidays this weekend in preparation for Christmas knitting. I don't usually like Holiday knitting books, but this one is so cool I couldn't resist. I especially love the tree skirt made from Manos - however I'm not sure I would like the $ total after buying 22 skeins to complete it! Maybe next year after I win the lottery..............

Thank you so much to everyone for your engagement wishes! It is so nice to have such a warm community to share our happiness with!

1 comment:

Lolly said...

yah for socks! that one looks so comfy. can't wait to see the finished pair ;)

handknit holidays is a lovely book--i love looking through my copy just for the inspiration.