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Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm Sorry, But I Had To

I know, I know. I'm not usually one to fall and do what everyone else it doing, but I'm so very curious where all of you guys are from. Please indulge me and put your little pin on the map as you have probably done 200 times before! Or just leave me a comment and tell me I suck for jumping on the bandwagon. I'm just way to curious and I've been debating whether to put it up or not for two days now...........there was way too much time spent thinking about it and not enough time being spent on the knitting of Christmas presents. So to end the dilemma, I posted the map, now it's up to my loving readers to post a pin or not post a pin.

Check out our Frappr!


Whew! Now that is out of my system here is some progress on backyard leaves (though it's kind of a crappy picture). I've almost finished the first 11 repeats (10 done - could have gotten one more done if I hadn't thought about the map so long!) I should hopefully have the first half done by this weekend. My goal is to have this completed by next week if not sooner so I can start on my Aunt's Branching Out. Then I've added a pair of socks for my Grandmom and a Knit your own Rock Star - Henry Rollins for my sister. So now that my list has grown, I better get my butt moving.


Lolly said...

Aren't those maps addictive? everyone needs one ;)

Love the Backyard Leaves. Lovely pattern, and I like it in that brown.

Take care, M!

cynic the lamb said...

That scarf is lovely! It's already grown soooooooooo long. You'll definitely be done by the time you expect to at this rate.
By the way, way to jump on the bandwagon Melissa! (I'm teasing you.)
So yeah, let's see, how does that go... LIC representin'! *insert little pseudo-gang "I'm so from the streets" hand-signs here*

Megan said...

Great scarf! I love all the patterns from Scarf Style. And oh my goodness, sounds like you have a busy month of knitting ahead of you with all your Christmas gifts!

Moni said...

I've said this before, but I do love your scarf!

darn! I'm getting tempted to post a map now. Will post my pin on yours right now :)

the knitrider said...

lovely scarf! i most of all like the color choice! thanks for your nice comments on my sweater... waist shaping is such a charm. i would have never been able to do it if i didnt have the snb nation book. there is a really good tutorial in there!