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Monday, November 28, 2005

Don't Ya Hate It When.......

Don't ya hate it when you are really looking forward to finishing up a certain leafy scarf on the train ride home and end up running out of yarn with only 30 or so rows to go?? I sure do! I was soooooo close to finishing backyard leaves Wednesday night, but a little yarn shortage squashed those dreams. Luckily, I had some half knit legwarmers at home that didn't mind being destroyed:


So I picked the scarf back up tonight and finished up the lousy 30 rows, wet it down and pinned it to the blocking board. Hopefully it will dry overnight and will be ready to be seamed tomorrow.


Thankfully, running out of yarn didn't totally devastate my holiday knitting plans. Since I had planned on finishing BYL on the train ride home, I stuffed my knitting bag with yarn for Branching Out. I've done about 10 repeats so far and am aiming for 4 repeats a day. I'm using Rowan Kidsilk left over from one of my sweater projects. It might be a little thin, but it seems to be working out OK so far, plus this isn't exactly a scarf that my Aunt will be wearing for warmth. I started out with size 8 needles, but the lace seemed too loose so I ripped it all out after a repeat or two. I went down to size 6 needles and it looks a lot nicer now. It's going to need a nice blocking though.


So it's round 2 for the Christmas gifts already so to help me along and keep me motivated, I've joined the Who Wouldn't Love A Handknitted Gift knit-along. Whew! That's a mouthful.


Lolly said...

Both scarves are so lovely! You have a real leafy theme going here ;) Sorry about running out of yarn, but I am glad to hear about that backup!

Suzie said...

I hate that running out of yarn thing!! Annoying! Hey thanks for visiting my blog....and yes, I am working on gift tags. I'm on the hunt for a tag shaped craft punch!

Moni said...

Yes I do, indeed, hate that very much! It irritates me to no end. At least you had some yarn that you could salvage, though. Your scarves look beautiful!

sturdygirl said...

Hey! Glad you had more yarn so you could finish the beautiful scarf. It turned out great. Does Branching Out have two halves too?

Alison said...

I love your BYL! Thank goodness for the extra yarn.