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Monday, November 21, 2005

Progress Report

The Christmas scarf is coming along better than expected. I have been a good little knitter and have done 2 repeats a day, if not more. I only have about 4 more to go on the second half. I might even have it done by Thanksgiving so I can get started on Branching Out for my Aunt.

And I have some news on my second Lucky:

I finally ordered my blocking board with some moola that I got for my B-day last month and starting blocking Lucky last night. I'll tell ya, I don't know how I ever survived without one before! Blocking is so much easier and more pleasant. Finished sweater here I come! The weather is finally just starting to get cold, so my cashmere lucky is right on time.


Now I just have to block my fairisle sweater, finish the neckband, and sew it together and I'll have another FO. That will be my reward after finishing the parade of Christmas knits.

And finally, my knitting buddy Mia found this link online and I thought the concept was very interesting - a completely knit wedding. I don't think my fiancee will go for this though......

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


cynic the lamb said...

Yay you! Finally Lucky is blocked! Very excited to hear that you will soon have two much-anticipated finished pieces. Hope to see you strutting about in your lovely cashmere Lucky soon.

sturdygirl said...

I spy a Lucky sweater! Does your blocking board fold up? I really want one, but space is an issue. I was on Purl's website and I saw that Lobster Pot makes a green close to my homemade green! You are right, I had no idea that was a popular color! Cheers-

carrie said...

a belated congrats on your engagement! maybe i need to get a blocking board ...

Lolly said...

You are going to be the seaming queen real soon. Can't wait to see that cashmere Lucky. I hope I can give Lucky another chance this next spring. Such a pretty pattern ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa!

Moni said...

oh man! i've been wanting one of those blocking boards forever! it would have been perfect for Lucky.

Your's is going to be beautiful!

Suzie said...

Oooh. I have blocker board envy. I want one, I need one!!