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Monday, October 17, 2005

A Surprise Finished Object

Another finished object! I am on a roll!

Found! 5 years in the making!

When I was getting my living room situated on Friday night, I found a WIP. I had completely forgotten that I finished knitting this project and only needed to sew the sleeves onto the long scarf like body. I don't know how I ever made it through 60" of fisherman rib without being bored out of my mind. This was my second knitting project started about 5 years ago from Rebecca issue number 12. This pattern has recently been republished in their special edition Soft Kid Mohair book. It is also available for free here.

Pattern: #17 Scarf with Sleeves from Rebecca #12
Materials: GGH Soft Kid: 70% super kid mohair 25% polyamide 5% wool
Knitting Time: Well, I started sometime in 2000
Notes: I don't remember much about knitting this actually. I remember running out of yarn because I made the scarf part wider than the pattern called for. I remember having some trouble with Rebecca's english translation. Otherwise, my memory isn't much help after 5 years!

So maybe, just maybe I'll have my fairisle sweater from Vogue up here soon. I just finished reknitting the front neck. The first time around I started decreasing too early and the neck drop was too low. Now it's just a matter of blocking and finishing the neck band.

Boo hoo! Rhinebeck, the trip that never was........

This weekend I should have been happily dancing around yarn and sheep and wool and sheep.........you get the point. I should have taken off for Rhinebeck Saturday morning, but it didn't happen. With all the rain we have been having for the past week, I decided that I didn't really want to walk around possibly soggy fairgrounds. Then my boyfriend (who was supposed to drive the Jeep up Friday) got a 103 fever because of before mentioned rain. He has been working outside in it for the last week and it didn't do a body good.

So there I was on a Saturday afternoon and in New York City - a sunny New York City may I add. One thing I do appreciate about rain for 7 days is the blue sky afterwards. All the junk in the air has been cleared out - well at least for one day. I'm sure tomorrow will be back to drab grey/blue.

But all was not lost. My boyfriend felt better by Saturday morning and drove up to join me. We went to the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn and took a walk around my old neighborhood. It was so nice to finally have some sun! I also checked out a fairly new yarn store in the area called Stitch Therapy.

Yay! Sun and blue sky!
Rose Garden
One of many


Diana said...

Wow, you are my hero for finishing that wrap! I started one last summer, but simply could not make it through the fisherman's rib. It looks great on you!


goodkarma said...

I'm so impressed with that Rebecca wrap/scarf/sweater/thing! It looks perfect on you. I love the color; it's so just right for fall. I love finding something good that I've forgotten about; it's like finding money in your winter coat pocket.

cynic the lamb said...

Oooh, the Brooklyn Botanic.... Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a great day to be there.
Oh, and the wrap looks gorgeous!

Lolly said...

It looks wonderful on you, Melissa! Perfect fit! :)

Jennifa said...

I love how that looks.