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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Joys of Living in NYC

Yes, the joys of living in NYC.

Tonight it took me about 2 hours to get home due to some "credible" information that terrorists were planning an attack on the NYC subway in the next couple of days. First we heard that the NYPD had arrested a man from Iraq w/ plans and info on the bombing. Then we heard from Mayor Bloomberg that they did not have anyone in custody. Then we heard that there was an arrest in Iraq yesterday. So which one is it????? I don't doubt that they did in fact have some credible information, and I'm glad they let us know (we usually don't know til after the threat is passed) but they could at least get their stories straight.

So my co-worker and I decided to jump onto the bus, not because we were scared to get on the subway, but because we knew it would be a huge headache to get home that way. Everyone had the same idea - luckily we were the first stop. I heard someone on the bus ask if the subways were running again. I don't think the trains ever stopped running in the late afternoon - in fact I hear them going by outside - though not as frequently.

This just goes to show how misinformation can make things crazier than they are. Luckily, we got out of work before things got more chaotic! I would just hate to see what would happen during a real emergency. Luckily I was spared 9-11. I was here for the blackout a few years back - but that just involved a lot of walking.

So now onto the knitting news...........

I finished my second Blackberry sleeve the other night and am ready to block, stitch up and start the neckband. But I ran into a little problem - I didn't have enough yarn for the neckband. No problem, I thought, I'll just run over to the LYS on my lunch. I had just bought the yarn 2 weeks ago, so I crossed my fingers that they would have at least one ball left. When I got there, the shop owner confirmed my fear. They had sold out! In fact, she said that was the only color of big wool that people were buying! NOOOOOOOOOO! But then she checked one more time and found 4 more balls in a box. SAVED!!!! So if anyone is making Blackberry out there in blog land, make sure you buy an extra ball of yarn for this one. I'm making the XS which calls for 6 balls. I believe the Small also calls for 6 - and if I couldn't make it for the XS, the people making a S might have more trouble. So I wanted to come straight home and finish up the sweater tonight, but then life in NYC happened...........

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