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Monday, October 10, 2005

A Finished Object

Finally, as promised, a finished object! I finished Blackberry tonight and am pretty happy with the results. It needs to be blocked better before I can actually wear it, but I needed to get it up while it was hot off the needles. I was a little worried that the sweater might be too bulky looking on me, but I liked the way it came out. Sometimes bulky sweaters are hard for people to wear and even though they are quick to knit, sometimes you lose out in the end when it makes you look like the pillbury doughboy!


Pattern: Blackberry by Jennifer Thurston
Materials: 7 balls of Rowan Big Wool (Color 24, 100% Merino 87yds/100g), Sz 11 needles
Knitting Time: September 22 - Oct 10 2005.
Notes: Used 1 more ball than the pattern called for, so you may want to buy an extra just in case. When picking up around the neck for the ribbing, you might want to pick up a few more stitches than recommended. The ribbing pulls in rather tighly and needs quite a bit of blocking to prevent rolls in the body above the ribbing. Rolls are the last thing you want in a bulky sweater! Also, my bobbles look a little off, but nothing that a little blocking can't fix.

I also received some presents in the mail over the past week:


My 600 grams of silk sari yarn won on ebay. I paid $10! I couldn't pass that up. I actually didn't win the auction, but the winner couldn't pay up or didn't want it so I got a second chance to purchase. This may become a bag in the near future.


I received these two books from Crafter's Choice. They were the last of my free selections. I've wanted the toy book for awhile, but didn't want to spend the money on it. I love the little dog door draft blocker! I've had my eye on the yarn dye book for a few years also, but just never purchased it for reasons unknown. When I actually get some time, dyeing will be my next thing to try.


goodkarma said...

Fabulous! Your Blackberry doesn't make you look chunky at all. You actually look pretty tiny in it! Blackberry looks so cozy and that color is beautiful on you. Well done.

Lolly said...

It looks wonderful, Melissa! I like the color you chose too (and that little pin with the skull is too awesome!)

cynic the lamb said...

Nice job Melissa! Blackberry looks great! It's beautiful, and you wear the color well. Love the pin, too.

jae said...

Looks great! Do you think you ran out of yarn b/c you used Big Wool in lieu of Chunky Print?
And where's the pin from?

Lesley said...

Sweet! Your Blackberry looks great and fits so well. Just like Jennifer's version on knitty.

GREAT job.

Diana said...

Blackberry looks great! I think your version looks better than the one pictured on Knitty :-)

evilcostumelady said...

Thanks for posting your Blackberry picture... I've just added it to my ravelry queue. I'd seen it at Knitty when it first appeared but wasn't impressed enough to want one until I saw yours. :)