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Monday, May 30, 2005

Sweaters and Hockey

Got to see a very exciting playoff hockey game on Sunday. It was between the AHL Philadelphia Phantoms and the Providence Bruins. The Phantoms won game 6 and the Eastern Conference to move onto the playoffs this week. GO PHANTOMS! So glad that even with the current NHL strike, I still get to see some hockey so I don't go into total withdrawal! And for those who say "What does hockey have to do with knitting?" Well, the player's jerseys are actually called sweaters, though they really aren't quite sweaters like they were in the old days........

2005 Eastern Conference Champs!! Woo! Hoo!
Group Hug
Handshake line

And in knitting news:

Finished my second sleeve on Lucky and have about 44" done on the neckband "snake". Figure that I should have this one in the bag in the next week or two. Just depends on if I'm in a sewing mood or not. It's not like I can wear the sweater now anyway, little warm for cashmere this time of year. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


Also received my batch of Rowan Polar in the mail from Jimmy Bean's this week. Polar has been discontinued and there is this Rowan cable sweater from a couple issues back that I have wanted to knit for over two years. Figured it was now or never.....plus it was a really great deal on the yarn. Good things come to those who wait two years!!!


1 comment:

pinky said...

Polar's been discontinued? Thanks for the tip: I love that yarn and now I have an excuse to buy it all up!!