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Thursday, May 12, 2005


So Kerrie from MagKnits emails me the other day for an update on my pattern for the Chilly 05 issue. I write back happilily that pattern is finished, sweater is knit, and the pictures are taken. Just needed to proof the pattern.

So, I had some free time last night to proof the pattern. Sat down at the computer and magically - Windows will not load. Now I'm just frightened that I will loose all my photos taken for the MagKnits project + everything else I've ever taken on the back 1 1/2 years. I was devistated!

Learn from my mistakes people! Always back up all your pictures! Always!

So now my task becomes trying to unlock the secret of my computer's sudden demise. A new Apple computer is looking very tempting right about now........stupid PCs.

Update 9:32pm: Computer is now fixed. All photos are safe. Still thinking about that Mac though..........


goodkarma said...

Whew, glad to hear your pics are safe. [subliminal message]Macs are excellent. Macs are wonderful.[/subliminal message]

Knit Freak said...

You know how i feel GET THE MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its good your comp is fixed or I would have had to make another tues night post knit stop over!