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Monday, May 09, 2005

Alpaca inspiration

Spent the day at home. Had a bit of a cold and felt too ache and miserable to go to work. So I slept and I knit. I put Lucky aside for the day and picked up my Alpaca Fair Isle project from Vogue magazine. After all, seeing those cute little animals on Saturday just put me in the mood. And here is my progress for the day:


Yes, those are all nasty, nasty ends that need to be woven in when finished. I have the feeling these ends will scare me away from fair isle for the rest of my knitting days. Seaming together Lucky is nothing compared to this bad boy!


goodkarma said...

It sucks to be sick but it does give us an excuse to relax and knit, doesn't it? I sure hope you feel better soon. Your fair isle looks gorgeous so far!

mia said...

my jealousy is overwhelming. a sheep and wool festival... and a pretty sweater, and another pretty sweater. and your boyfriend (if he really exists) actually wanted to go...
and you got to go to LICknit tonight. waaa. waaaaa.