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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Hurrah

Went down to The Point yesterday for a last hurrah. So sad to see one more yarn store close in NYC, we've lost 4 of them in the last 3 months or so.

I didn't want to spend too much and was a knitter on a mission - to find the Claudette Hat pattern. It was a house pattern, and while there was the chance that the designer might offer it up on her own later on, I didn't want to take that chance. And I found it, all the way at the bottom of the bin. It could very well have been the last copy even. Score!

The line was long, so of course I couldn't just wait in such a long line to buy one measly pattern, right? So I picked up some circular needles. Not very exciting, I know. But I needed some size 3 circulars to make Little Birds when I get the chance. I have been planning on knitting this for awhile, but I had the chance to try on Ysolda's sweater when she was here and I need to make it now. Right now. But it's gonna have to wait until I finish this deadline project. If you go to Ysolda's blog and scroll down a little, you'll see me modeling it. Cute, huh? I'll need to do a few modifications on the bottom rib, but other than that, it fit perfect!


Jocelyn said...

coming out of lurkdom to say "THE POINT IS CLOSING????" I don't live in NYC, but I really enjoyed my visit there. Very dismayed to hear this. What other shops have closed? We're coming back in June, and I'll be on my own a couple of days...

Anonymous said...

I am disppointed to hear the news about the Point. I work in the area, so am sorry to see them go.

Connie said...

I couldn't make it out yesterday, but when this evening. The walls were completely bare. It's really sad. There are so many empty storefronts everywhere.

Craptina said...

It's a real shame that we are losing so many great yarn stores. I'm really going to miss the point.

gleek said...

the point will surely be missed :(