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Friday, August 22, 2008

Ravelympics Finish Line

I made it across the Ravelympics Finish Line tonight at 5:23pm! Finished with a few days to spare this time around. At the 2006 Olympics, First Aid came in close with about 15 minutes to spare!

Team Give Em Hill Knitters
Pattern: Daytrip Cardigan by me
Yarn: Lanas Puras Clarissa in Granite
Needles: Sizes 7 and 5
Start Time: August 8th 9:22am
Finish Time: August 22nd 5:23pm

Mods: I’m really a size S, but I wanted a nice tight fit around the bust, so I went with the XS instead. I lengthened the armhole by 1/2” to match the S, but didn’t have to modify the sleeve cap at all.

I also changed the location of the buttonholes adding one to the neck trim instead of all 6 on the center front placket.

Ravelympics Daytrip Cardigan

Ravelympics Cardigan

Ravelympics Cardigan


gleek said...

very nice! congrats on finishing!

Cobbalicious said...

Lovely cardigan. Congrats on finishing!

Veronique said...

So, will you put up a Gold medal on your side bar? Congrats!
Love the Hillary pin ;)

Craptina said...

Ohhh! I love it, Gold Medal for you! I really like the stitch pattern on the sweater!

maritza said...

It's so pretty! Congrats!

Alissia Huntzinger said...

the cardigan is cute and congratulations on finishing, but my question is more about your pin. I was just wondering if you'd rather go for McCain since Hillary's not on the ticket? I've seen a lot about that lately and just wondering what your opinion is. I just don't know how many people are going over to McCain because they really think he's the best if Hillary isn't running, or if it's because they're mad at Obama.

Melissa said...

hi alissia,

i don't know where to reach you to answer your comment! you can email me at neoknits AT yahoo DOT com if you'd like.

schrodinger said...

Congrats of a fine finished project!