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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stuck in Secret Knitting Land

clarissa swatch

Far from being sworn off knitting since finishing my long languishing fair isle pullover, I've been swamped in secret knitting for the past few weeks - and will be for the next 2 - 3 months. I would list it all out, but making a list will only further my anxiety. It's best to just think about one project at a time!

I got my refill skein of Lanas Puras for grannie #2 a few weeks ago, but had to set it aside for my latest secret knitting. I just need to pick up some buttons and finish the band. I made an exciting discovery this week just in time. A cheap button place in NYC! The store is called Pacific Trimming and it's on 218 W 38th street. I bought 6 buttons and it only cost me $3. I love M&J to death and all, but I would have paid at least $3 per button instead of 50 cents. Oh and Pacific has so much more than just buttons! They have ribbon, elastic, purse handles, buckles, too much to even list. My mind was just spinning with all of the possibilities.

And finally, I should be revealing one of my latest projects sometime next week, so stay tuned!


Connie said...

Secret knitting is a drag for the blog. I try to keep progress photos on hand for when I can eventually post pictures and info on a secret project, but I kind of run out of enthusiasm in the intervening months between my producing the project and when it's released.

Looking forward to the reveal next week of one of your secrets :)

Anonymous said...

When I was A Wardrobe Stylist in NYC I went to M&S a lot and loved every visit...Next Time You go to NYC you have to make time to go to Tender Button (a small shop with tones of vintage buttons but not cheap).

Jessica said...

I love Pacific! I go there all the time--they carry those great little clear drawstring stops for my knitting pouches.
I miss you! When am I going to see you again and maybe get a glimpse of some of this Top Secret Knitting? ;)

schrodinger said...

Secret knitting sucks - but the reveal will all be worth it I'm sure. Thanks for the heads up about Pacific trimming, I think it's where I've been a few times for buttons etc, but who knows? I never keep track of the names of places...

Connie said...


I just saw your Sunshine Tank. Wow, super cute! Another great design. I love it.