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Friday, July 06, 2007

Remember This Project?

Does anyone remember this project?


If you don't, well it's been hanging around for about 2 years or so. It's been bugging the heck out me and challenging me, mocking me almost - at least when it wasn't buried under books, yarn, patterns, etc.

So I finally decided to do something about it.

Meet FairIsle Pullover (#30)

fairisle finished
fairisle yoke
fairisle cuff

Fair Isle Pullover (#30) from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2004/05
Needles: US 6 & 7
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca (colors as pictured in magazine)
Started: 2005?
Finished: July 4, 2007

This was my first ever fair isle project, although my second fair isle project was finished way before this one ever was. It was quite enjoyable, although I could have done a little better job with my tension. My biggest problem was figuring out how to anchor the yarn at the end of the row when the design no longer went close enough to the edge.

One reason this project languished so long was the fact I had done my decreases differently on each sleeve cap, so one of them needed to be undone. I ripped it and reknit it only to realize I had made myself a note that I only had 62 sts at the muscle instead of the called for 68. So it sat for another year. The ends were also a factor. Ugh! The weaving in of all those ends! Luckily I seemed to have done it in stages over the last 2 years. When I picked it up for finishing last Wednesday, I only had the ends from one sleeve left to weave in.

Overall, I'm very happy with the final result. It fits well (modeled pic to come soon) and it will be all ready to face the chilly weather in the fall!


Connie said...

Very cute, Melissa. I didn't realize that you were relatively new to fair isle. Me too! I've done a pair of gloves in fair isle, but have yet to do a full size garment.

It must be very satisfying to get a long languishing UFO off the to-do heap!

schrödinger said...

It looks great! Looking forward to the modelled shots.

goodkarma said...

Of course I remember this sweater! I think you were knitting it soon after I found your blog. Once in a while I wonder whatever happened to that cute Fair Isle pulli.

It looks like you did a beautiful job with it. Did you change the neckline a bit? I'm so impressed. Colorwork still intimidates the heck out of me... can't wait to see it on you, if you find a day that's cool enough!

Jessica said...

OMG, I can't believe it sat for so long--I really love it! That is going to look so cute on you. Too bad it's going to be 95 degrees today.

Heather said...

It turned out beautifully! I've been lusting after that sweater ever since I saw it in the magazine. It's lovely :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate it! Yes, Ravelry is VERY addicting! I'm spending alot of my time there these days :)

Lolly said...

I am thrilled to see this one again! I still have a little post-it marking this picture in my magazine... and I even remember when you started it :) Can't wait to see it modeled!

Lindsey said...

I'm absolutely dreadful when it comes to colorwork, so this is really, really impressive. It looks like it'll be a lovely winter sweater!

Craptina said...

I don't remember this project, in fact I probably didn't knwo you then. regarless it looks fabulous. Sometimes it takes two years to finish a project, I know how it feels. It must've been nice to pick it up and realize how close to the end you were. Great job, tension is not easy on Fair isle, you make it look easy.

Iris G said...

I like the uniquely fresh palette that you used, it reminds me of some old favorite video games!

Moni said...

I remember! I love it !

sulu-design said...

Isn't it so great to wrap up projects that have been hanging around forever? This turned out great - perfect for the soon-to-come Fall.

NinaK said...

Very nice. I've just discovered your blog. Spending too much time on Ravelry as a newcomer and not enough knitting. Anyway, did you make this flat? I loved this sweater, but I hate knitting fair isle flat.

I'm also interested in what you're using to block the sweater. Is it one of those cardboard things, or something else. I'd love to have something else. Where could I get one. Thanks!