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Monday, October 02, 2006


Since I actually had some free time tonight and I don't have any deadlines at the moment (at least til the cashmere arrives), I decided to sign up for Lolly's Socktoberfest.

I've had some absolutely gorgeous yarn staring at me everyday when I sit down at my computer and I want to use it NOW! So I figure joining Socktoberfest will give me that much needed push to get something knit for myself this month.


Unfortunately, with the arrival of fall comes bad picture taking light. The color of this yarn is to dye for in person. Sorry for the corny pun! It's Superwash Merino & Tencel from Yarn Botanika. It was a little present for signing on to design with Black Pearl Yarns. Here's a little better look at the color: Mulberry Tree.

There are plenty of deadlines on the horizon though. Tonight is almost a calm before the storm. I have a few secret cashmere things coming up and drumroll please.......

After much anticipation and waiting, last Friday I was notified that one of my designs was accepted to be in Debbie Stoller's next Stitch N Bitch book! Yay! I'm so excited! There was much jumping up and down right before I caught my train back to Jersey that night. It was a surprising end to a crazy, but fun week.

Now off to wind up that beautiful sock yarn! Can't lose any more time!


Connie said...

Hey Melissa - Congrats on the pattern inclusion in the book!!! I know it's got to be secret and all, but can you at least tell us if it's a cardigan, pullover, socks, etc?

Ami said...

Wow! Congratulations on the book! I'll be eagerly awaiting it's release.

gleek said...

mmmm, that is one yummy colorway.. AND CONGRATS on making the next debbie stoller book. huzzah! i can't wait to see it for myself.

Anonymous said...

Very nice yarn, perfect for Fall!!

schrodinger said...

Congrats on getting your pattern in the book - how exciting!

That yarn looks like it is gawgeous anyway, despite the poor light.

Alison said...

Congrats on the book pattern.

And that color is lovely; can't wait to see the socks!

Lolly said...

Well, luckily, Socktoberfest is not about deadlines, my friend! Thanks for joining and being a part of the fun ;)

Congrats on the design in the new SnB too! You are so awesome!

Erin said...

Congratulations on the SnB design--that is HUGE!

sturdygirl said...

ooh...pretty yarn! the colors are very wearable and the merino/tencel will be a treat for your feet! (so there's a rhyme to match your pun)

congratulations on the book pattern! i did not know about the new book, so i will definitely watch out for it now! excellent news - you are doing just great and it's fun to see. :)

Moni said...

yay! congratulations melissa! That is fantastic news, indeed :)

That sock yarn is YUMMY!

cynic the lamb said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Go you! (And yes, the yarn is lovely too -can't wait to see what socks you knit up.)