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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Difference

If any one ever doubted the difference between being a designer in the industry and a handknit designer - here's some numbers that quite startled me today:

I have worked at KBL for 1 year and 4 months - how many sweaters have I designed or been "inspired by" in that time - get ready - 1,553 sweaters!! That's 97 sweaters a month. That's crazy and I'm still in shock.

How many sweaters have I knit in that same time period? Eight.


My Embossed Leaves socks are coming along well. I've hit the heel, but am stalled for the moment because of the secret cashmere project. Deadlines always come first, but I'm flying along and hope to at least finish one sock for Socktoberfest.

Sorry for the pictureless post, but my computer at home has been out of commission for the past week. The power supply unit decided to not work anymore and I finally found a replacement on ebay yesterday. Just a word of warning - never buy a Sony Vaio! I've had it for 6 years, but I've had to replace parts constantly starting from year 2 on. My next computer will be a Mac!


schrodinger said...

Holy sh*t, those numbers could not be more different!

Sorry to hear of your computer woes. But glad to hear you are going mac, gotta love the mac.

Moni said...

Wow! That is very interesting...

Knitting Momma said...

As my sister says, once you go Mac you'll never go back. I've had one for 2 years now and absolutely loathe booting up my work IBM. Mac's RULE!!!

Lolly said...

Whoa! So much difference? Technology sure has changed things!

Don't fret about slow sock knitting, M! Socktoberfest is about the process - make sure to have fun! :)

YarnB said...

Wow, those numbers are interesting!! Do you have photos of all those designs and do you get credit for them or...not really in that setting?? Loved the pic you sent me be the way. WOW!!!!

Amy said...

Wow! Those numbers are incredible. I always look at catalogs and wonder which sweaters were designed by you.

sturdygirl said...

woo hoo! i have a mac and i love it. that said - it did have a service issue about 2 months after i bought it! but it has been great otherwise, and it's so easy to get it fixed.

thanks for the tip about the silk! (for my skirt project) i put in the zipper this weekend - we're in the home stretch! i think it's going to turn out pretty well.