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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Day - 4 Down 1 to Go

Today was a great day.

At lunch, I walk into the room and see this:

Lunch time knitters

Lunch time knitters

3 out of the 5 were knitting! 3 out of the 5 that I taught were knitting! I was happy and somehow shocked all at the same time.

I've been slowly teaching my fellow designers how to knit over the past several months, but some have bit a bit slower in keeping the knitting spirit alive. So I was very surprised to come in to eat my lunch and 3 of them were knitting! Then Marcia was interested in learning, so I grabbed an extra pair of needles out of my bag and taught her a few things. The great thing about teaching sweater designers how to knit is that they already understand the terminology. It makes teaching that much easier! They all get a gold star from teacher today and are progressing well.

The only one left

So I have achieved my goal of having all the designers learn to knit.....almost. David is still holding out on us. He has knit before, but claims he knits too tight and can't change. We'll see about that. I bet by the end of the winter, he won't be able to help himself - or he'll just stop eating lunch with us!

When lunch was over, we asked our boss if he wanted to join us sometime. He didn't seem too interested, but he was interested in what I had in the box:

Ginger Peach

This would be my cashmere from Black Pearl Yarns in Ginger Peach for my next secret project. I had him take a look and he then remarked that he just wanted to roll around in it. He followed that statement with, "Is that a weird thing to say?" Which we replied, "No, that's pretty much the standard thing to say once you feel cashmere." So there you have it, knitters and non-knitters all agree when it comes to cashmere yarn.

And to top this great day off, it is opening night for the Philadelphia Flyers! Yay! Hockey season is officially back in swing.


schrodinger said...

That is SSOOOOOOO coooooool! You're converting the world slowly, and as long as there is enough yarn left over for me, I'm all for it.

Lolly said...

Oh, great post! I love to hear about teaching new knitters, and you had the added bonus of teaching designers! So cool ;)

I have to say, I was rooting for the Penguins last night - that is why they won. I am a Pens girl! But I know we can both agree: it is great to have hockey back!!

gleek said...

that's so great that you're slowly converting over your workmates to knitting :) if i knit in my cafeteria i think that i would get a lot of blank stares from people!

mmmmmm, that cashmere looks divine. love the color.

Gina said...

Great! It is interesting that one can become a sweater designer without having learned to knit. I understand that they are different animals, but I should think it would give you a bit of an edge, no?

Moni said...

that does look like a great day! I need to recruit some knitters here where I work.

And the cashmere is yummy! great color!

Karin said...

Go Philly! Until they meet up with Ottawa (who probably should have been using our sticks instead of hockey sticks last night! Meh!) More secret knitting? I can't believe how busy you are. I'm on a quest for yarn for "Annabelle" - my WIP list ever groweth!

Alison said...

Good for you about the now-knitters!

And cashmere is definitely a roll-around in thing. I got some cashmere silk to spin and took it along with some other things to my knitting group last night. I didn't tell them what each thing was until after they touched it. I started with llama, moved to alpaca/merino, and ended with the cashmere silk. Everyone wanted to keep touching the cashmere/silk.

Melissa said...

that is so great that you have everyone knitting! You have your very own SNB at work!

sulu-design said...

How awesome that you made such an impact on your co-workers! Just don't abandon your SNB group for them - we'd miss you too much!