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Thursday, January 12, 2006

FO Frenzy

What an excellent way to begin a new year - by finishing up two projects in one night! Lucky #2 is finally finished! And the Log Cabin socks are on my feet as we speak. I'm a bit tired, but it was so worth it!


Pattern: Lucky (by moi) from Stitch'n Bitch Nation
Yarn: Lobster Pot Lace weight cashmere in Hydrangea - 100% Cashmere 400yds (7 skeins)
Size 3 straights
April 2005 - January 2006

Whew! Lucky #2 is finally complete! The Cashmere made all that sewing up so worth it. If I had to do another one in cotton, I'm not sure I would have made it. Just touching that sweet, sweet cashmere made every stitch a pleasure. The 1 1/2 hours it took me to sew on the infamous neck band was like a dream........you get the picture! So the first lucky took me 3 weeks, the second....well a bit longer. It's amazing how much a deadline affects knitting time.



Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays
Rowan Cork:95 merino wool/5 nylon 120yds (3 balls)
Size 5 double pointed
Dec. 18 - Jan. 12

I love these socks! The Rowan Cork is so spongy and warm. Perfect for keeping my toes warm and comfy in my sometimes cold apartment! I couldn't help but finish these after Lucky, they were calling to me "Please finish these four rows! And we only have 2 ends to weave in!" I couldn't resist!

Knitting the cork on size 5's was a little bit challenging. I felt like I had to knit really tight to keep ladders from forming and to keep them from stretching out too much after wearing them one time. I also learned something new from this little pair of socks - how to fix a cable twisted the wrong way. I dropped all the cable stitches back 5 rows and made it out to tell the tale! It's really not as scary as it sounds - trust me!


So I have two FO's for 2006 already! Maybe I will be able to keep at least one resolution this year. Now I just have to get to poor Butterfly and my Fair Isle pullover and nothing can stop me! I vow not to buy another ball of yarn until those two sweaters are finished!


Suzie said...

Gorgeous! Love Lucky #2--it must feel amazing on! Wow, 2 projects and we're barely into 2006. Go, go, go!

Megan said...

Your Lucky is beautiful! I totally didn't realize you wrote that pattern - wow, super job. It must be soooo nice in cashmere.

cynic the lamb said...

Yay for Lucky 2! Finally! It looks gorgeous on you!
The socks are lovely, too. I love that pattern.

Melissa said...

Lovely, lovely! Those socks look super warm!

Stacy said...

Lucky #2 is gorgeous! The cashmere must feel amazing, and the color is great. I still love the pattern.

Lolly said...

You have already finished TWO (both amazing, btw!) and I frogged my first one. You are the one with the SKILLZ, girlfriend! I hope to give Lucky another chance this spring...

Yours turned out so lovely with the cashmere - the minute I heard you were doing that, I knew it would be a great FO.

Beautiful socks too - these have been calling my name... ;)

goodkarma said...

Yay! You finished Lucky the second. And cashmere. Yum! You look fabulous in that color.

Moni said...

Wow! Lucky clover is beautiful! I wish the internet allowed one to feel fabric :0).

Karin said...

Your Lucky looks great! I found your page through the knitalong site as I'm hoping to start my own Lucky in 2006. Have you ever seen it made on a handdyed or slightly variegated yarn?

Karin said...

Thanks for your note--the yarn I am looking at is handdyed so it has the very subtle color changes, it's not very bold at all. I didn't even notice your's had a bit of a variance to the color in the picture. So I think you've encouraged me to just go ahead and buy that yarn I'm drooling over already!

the knitrider said...

holy macaroni, those look great! i couldnt imagine a soft luxurious cashmere lucky, but that might be well worth a try for me in the future! i had no idea (im a bit slow, eh?) that you designed lucky! great job! its such a fun pattern, the only dreads were the strips and sleeves, but i guess thats why they call it sleeve island. Also Ive just been so danged lazy lately. Thanks for the tip on the neckband, im considering stitching it up tonite. That will definately be helpful!

Amy said...

Ooh, it looks just lovely. I bet it feels even better. That pattern was one of my favorite in the SnB book.

Kate said...

It looks gorgeous. I am waiting on my book and my yarn order and then I'm casting it on!