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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fair Isle sidetrack

Originally uploaded by neoknits.

So I have been a bit obsessive about knitting lately. Have been keeping myself awake til 1am because "I just need to finish one more row". Of course one more row always turns into one more pattern repeat or one more color change. Next row starts the fair isle pattern. Must be very careful about my yarn tension on the fair isle. My first attempt at fair isle was the skull scarf, and my tension was a bit tight. Since the fair isle falls right across the upper chest area, I better make sure that I get it right the first time or else!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Lucky back finished

Lucky Back

Finished the back tonight. Not moving as fast as the first version, but it's much more enjoyable taking my time so my fingers aren't falling off. So now it's off to start the front.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Gauge Swatch

I am so lucky that the gauge swatch worked out to exactly 26 sts, 32 rows! And I'm even luckier that it worked out on size 4 needles instead of size 3. Not that I mind size 3's or anything! The cashmere is a dream to work with. The stitches are so uniform and it is so darn soft.

Still moving along on the fair isle sweater too. Have about 6 inches done already.

Have a nice train ride to Philadelphia tomorrow, so I have plenty of time to knit. Yay!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's finally here!

Yes, the wait is over! My cashmere for Lucky came in yesterday and I picked it up today. The picture really doesn't do the color justice. My camera flash was a little too bright. It figures that I started knitting my fair isle sweater Monday night!

So now I'm off to swatch. Hopefully I end up w/ a similar gauge as the 4ply. I'm actually using 2 strands together to get the same diameter yarn. Well, I guess I'll see what happens and if it doesn't come close, I guess I'll just have to do some more mathematical adjustments!

Long awaited cashmere!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yes, Mia, Alpaca Fair Isle

Here's a peek at the alpaca fair Isle sweater I plan to start this weekend after I retrieve my yarn from South Jersey. It's from the Winter Vogue Knitting International and is knit up in Blue Sky Alpacas. I've never knit with Alpaca before, I can't wait! It also has some little sequins and beads around the cuffs and hem that are kinda fun.

Alpaca Fairisle

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Ok, so I haven't been totally honest with my knitting lately. I have been cheating on my knitting with cross stitch. Yes, cross stitch. Although I have a very good reason for this. See, my boyfriend used to have this same design hanging on his wall when he was a child and it helped him through some hard times. It was destroyed in a house fire a couple of years back, so I thought it would be nice to remake it for him since it meant so much to him. Here's a pic of the project:


I must say that the relaxing qualities of cross stitch are right up there with knitting. Also, working on a guardian angel has it's ways of calming my nerves.

Hope to have my yarn this week for my alpaca fairisle project. I need to start something soon or else I'm really going to have knitting withdrawal!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Slow sailing

Haven't been too knitty lately. Grenade purse is on it's way and almost finished, but that's about the fullest extent of my knitting right now.

Ordered some Rowan Yorkshire tweed for the boyfriend's sweater. I ordered it from England and got a really good deal. Just hope it comes sooner than the 28 days time the web site suggested. Also placed an order for Blue Sky elapses. I found a really nice pattern in Vogue International from Winter and Purl had some of my colors on sale.

But the real reason I have been slacking on my knitting is because I am still waiting for my cashmere yarn. I really shouldn't be so stubborn and I should just start something else, like the beautiful kidsilk haze pointelle dress in the current Rowan. All I need to buy for that is the beads. But I don't want to start the complicated Rowan project and then stop to knit Lucky whenever the darn yarn decides to show up in New York. I really shouldn't care so much, because my caring has messed up my knitting schedule. I really should have started the Rowan project when I ordered the cashmere, I probably would have had it finished by now! Ok, well maybe that's wishful thinking, but it could of happened - at least maybe if the yarn is delayed at least another month.

But in other news, moving along on the submission for MagKnits. Pattern is written, just need to double and triple check for mistakes and take some photos. Hopefully the weather is a bit better this weekend so the pictures can be out of the way.

Looking forward to spring, even though all projects on cue seem to be Winter sweaters. I never particularly liked the spring fashion season. Fall was always more exciting for shopping. And as a designer this is even more true. Spring is always my least favorite to design. You are so limited by your yarn choices and silhouettes it almost seems pointless. Oh well, Fall 06 starts being designed in August - and it will probably be here before my cashmere!