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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Gauge Swatch

I am so lucky that the gauge swatch worked out to exactly 26 sts, 32 rows! And I'm even luckier that it worked out on size 4 needles instead of size 3. Not that I mind size 3's or anything! The cashmere is a dream to work with. The stitches are so uniform and it is so darn soft.

Still moving along on the fair isle sweater too. Have about 6 inches done already.

Have a nice train ride to Philadelphia tomorrow, so I have plenty of time to knit. Yay!


mia said...

4s... psssshhhhha. bulky.

Lauren said...

yeah, 4s are SO big! I got gauge with 2s, so I have to stick with that! :P

Very nice swatch--love this yarn!

Stacy said...

Your yarn color is gorgeous. It will be amazing in cashmere. I've finished the back and fronts and am starting the sleeves soon. So far, I've really enjoyed the pattern and love how the completed pieces look. I may be cursing you once I start the long 1x1 rib band and seaming though. :)

mames said...

hi melissa, just got my yarn and read thru some of KAl re:errata in pattern. i had a ? about the front pieces but i don't know how to use the KAL to ask. so, um, the front neckline side, do i continue the 4 rib stitch each row or only the first 7 inches. i love the pattern much and will keep checking the kal. thanks much