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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lucky back finished

Lucky Back

Finished the back tonight. Not moving as fast as the first version, but it's much more enjoyable taking my time so my fingers aren't falling off. So now it's off to start the front.


goodkarma said...

It looks great! Really love the color. Isn't the cashmere yummy? Mine (cashmere blend, anyway!) is draping beautifully and is so soft.

renee said...

Well you're moving much more quickly than I am! Your back looks absolutely even and beautiful - I'm so jealous! I'm hoping a good blocking might help mine.

Lauren said...

This looks wonderful, Melissa--the cashmere texture is great. You are further ahead of me now! I am planning to get back to it very soon :)

Hope all is well!

winnie said...

hi melissa..just wanted to stop by and thank you for your help during my Lucky dilemmas. it's a wonderful pattern and i look forward to more of your designs.