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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Butterfly Progress

And SP6 is on its way! I received an email from my secret pal yesterday and sent an email off to mine today. I am really excited to finally be apart of the swap. Now it gives me an excuse to check out the fall stock in my LYS. I've been trying to stay away due to my large inventory of projects to be knitted.


Butterfly is coming along very well. I'm 3cm away from decreasing for the armholes. I hope to be starting on the front by next week. I guess it all depends on how much IKEA furniture I get put together over the next couple of days. I'll tell ya one thing, It's amazing they can fit an entire love seat in 3 small boxes. They must have an entire team strictly dedicated to getting the furniture to fit in small boxes! Could you imagine getting paid to do that?

I know I say this all the time, but I really need to start knitting faster. I have so much I want to knit, and not enough time! With the new Knitty out, I want to make almost everything! Every issue gets better and better. I think it's wonderful to have an open submission process that brings in fresh ideas. Knitty rocks!


sarah said...

So gorgeous!! I love the dress version, that is going to be soooo beautiful on you.

mia said...

good work lady! You have furniture! that's so cool! does that mean the housewarming party is coming up??