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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Possum Yarn?

My boss was in Australia and New Zealand a few weeks back and she was nice enough to bring back my assistant and I some yarn surprises. She told me that she had brought me back Possum yarn and I was intrigued. Possums don't exactly look like the most cuddly creatures, nor would I think of them as a yarny type of animal.

Possum Yarn

When she brought it in and I got to feel, I have to tell you, it was quite a nice yarn. The exact blend is 50% Merino Wool/40% Possum Fur/10% Silk. She told me that she had asked the lady what to buy for a knitter that sniffs yarn. The woman looked at her a little puzzled and pointed her in the direction of this particular yarn. (They have a website too)

I'm not quite sure what I'd like to do with it yet, maybe a stripy scarf? There is about 200 yards in each ball, so I have quite a bit to work with. I'm sure I'll be consulting the nifty Ravelry pattern search engine eventually for ideas.


Jessica said...

Whoa. So it's not only soft, but sniffable, too? I find both of these facts totally shocking. But they're got a lot of possums running around over there, I guess it's good that they're putting 'em to use!
Maybe it needs to be a fair-isle hat and mittens set with little possums running all around it.... ;)

nicolina said...

i'm more intrigued that your boss brought you back yarn. are you hiring?? let us know how it knits up!

OfTroy said...

the NZ possum --like the Virginian (US) possum is a marsupial.. but they are very different animals.

I can't imaging a yarn made from a US possum.. (the fur of a US possum (a creature of the wet lands) is well oiled (and very, very aromatic..and not in a nice way!)

mooncalf said...

I've had 10 balls of dk-weight possum-merino in my stash for ages now. I've no idea what to do with it. Maybe I'll just do whatever you do :)

Pat said...

Hi the yarn you have is from the Australian Bushtial possum. Harvested in New Zealand where they are a pest. It is a hollow fiber with a very high thermal value. It is not only used in knitting yarn but also in very expensive suits. We also use it in duvet inners.

Kathy said...

Hi there. I hope you still will see this comment. I bought a BEAUTIFUL possum yarn sweater that was made in New Zealand years ago. A warning is that it is INCREDIBLY warm. I used to wear it in Alaska in the winter with only a light t-shirt on underneath. It's extremely light weight so you could make a very airy scarf, not use much yarn and have a scarf that would stand up well to cold winter days. BTW, new to your site... followed the link from Gigi. Nice designs!